A few fabulous things

It’s been ages since I’ve done a fabulous things post.  So it’s definitely time to show off what I’ve gotten!

First off, a riding crop (because every historical costumer who aspires to riding habits needs a riding crop), two gorgeous pieces of china to add to my mix and match tea trios, and a cushion cover in the most fabulous print.

Luscious pillow cover, riding crop, saucer, and cup

The cushion cover needs a better cushion, but I think it is going to become the inspiration for my winter bedroom scheme.  It goes beautifully with all the peridot green curtains, but adds new zest.  Now I just need some chocolate brown (I’m cursing the impulse that led me to de-stash my chocolate brown cotton velvet a few months ago!), and some turquoise fabric for my other bed cushions.

Want to see a close up of the china?

I like the cup, but I *love* the saucer. It has swallows on it!

Swallows! And those luscious colours!  Happiness!

I also got another trio, but I think I’ll sell this one on.  I love the sophisticated colours, and how modern and non-cutesy it is, but somehow it’s too cool (Victorian cool, e.g. aloof, not modern cool) and perfect.

Lemon yellow and grey are too frosty for me

The yellow and grey trio is sitting on the most amazing pure white hand-done openwork tablecloth.

The central motif *Swoon*

It’s all worked in a four-quartered symmetrical pattern, and it reminds me of Hawaiian quilts, and it’s white on white, so naturally, I love it.

Love, love, love

The handwork is just staggering.  You’ll never believe what I paid for it though.

$3.  Yes. $3.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that so much beauty and dedication and talent goes for so little in a secondhand shop.

On the further textile goodness front, I found this uber-sweet little embroidered table mat:

Awwww! And exactly my colours!

And these exquisitely delicate lace motifs, each about 3 inches across, and perfect for including in a 1910s frock.  And I have just the right lilac silk to pair them with!

They are so, unbelievably, fine and delicate

And this beautiful linen hand towel, worked with a laurel motif and bows.  The handwork is so beautiful and precise that I almost passed it up because I thought it was machine done, but no, that is hand-appliqued silk for the bow, and hand-done  satin stitch for the laurel. A-maze-ing.

I love laurel motifs!

All three textile items above (or is it four because there are two lace motifs?) were photographed on the most sumptuous jewel toned cotton velvet.  Three metres for $8 at an op-shop, and just perfect for an 18th century jacket.  The photographs do nothing to capture how rich and delicious the fabric is.

The final textile fabulosity:  two vintage lace curtains, made of the most beautiful, fine, old fashioned lace.

Roses and peonies and spider webs

You simply can’t find lace of this quality anymore, even if you pay hundreds of dollars a metre.  Suffice to say I didn’t pay nearly that!

So beautiful and fine and light!

I particularly love this lace because of the spider web motifs.  My wedding veil was metal lace from the 1910s with a spider web motif, so I have a soft spot for the pattern.

My final find was a vintage fob watch with a floral basket chain.  I don’t think the chain and pocket watch go together, but I love both pieces, and will make good use of them.

Look at the adorable little flower baskets! How sweet is that?

I didn’t realise how fabulous the watch was until I got it home.  I thought it just looked cool on the outside:

Isn’t that cool? (Modern cool, not Victorian cool)

And then I realised it opened:

Even cooler!

And then I realised that it came out of it’s case:

So cool I swooned

And then I had a minute of utter vintage steampunk beauty induced happiness looking at the back of the watch:

All those cogs and gears and jewel-y thingees!

So now I’m just going to pet and hold and love it until I can let go enough to give it to Nini of Things Unseen and have her make me an amazing piece of bespoke jewellery.


  1. Oh! Now I can see the watch chain properly because the photo is a close up. I couldn’t see it properly in person without my glasses on. Old person problem! It’s adorable! So is the fabric on that cushion, gorgeous. It’s all gorgeous!

  2. Madame Ornata says

    Well done that is some seriously glorious bling. I have total pogey envy!

  3. Do want! Everyhting, really. But that watch really swept me off my feet. It’s gorgeous!

  4. Some wonderful finds, I love the laurel too, and the saucer – gorgeous. How do you find these things, the riding crop I have to agree, the ultimate accessory.

    • I find these things by haunting op shops! I have a terrible op shop habit, but at least it pays for itself because I buy every pretty fabric I see at op shops and then assess my stash and freak out and sell a bunch of fabric on and it pays for my purchases! It’s a fantastic system! 😀

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