1. It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about in the big picture… um. Not nice. Not nice to get that sort of ad with your e-mail; when my sister started using G-mail, she boasted the ads she got were personalised and not in the least annoying. Clearly, they’ve dropped their principles since then.

  2. Oh no, not this too. Recently I received one of those spam emails claiming there was money for waiting in an account in Africa, and somehow I figured out that they got my address from my Google profile. Except that when I checked the profile, it said that my email was not public.

    This is very worrying.

    Very best,


    • Oh dear! I didn’t realise so many people would take this so seriously! I’ve never gotten spam on my gmail account, and while this add was very inappropriate, I thought it was hilarious 😉

  3. I’m with you on the “hilarious.” I mean…..what? lol! Silly Google ad!

    Though I will say… it was very distressing when I was emailing a friend about a devastating break-up I was going through……and Gmail offered me ads for “sad poetry” and psychological counseling! Yikes.

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