A little break from Ninon

To appreciate how cute Felicity is.

‘Cause there is nothing like fuzzy kitty tummy and little pink kitty noses to charge you up for another bout of sleeve wrangling.


  1. jackiead says

    That kitty cat Felicity is one cute kitty. She reminds me of my sweet cat Abbey.

      • jackiead says

        I still have my Abbey she is an adorable three-year-old found kitten from a rescue shelter and she shares our home with two other females Charlotte a 11 year old found as a 4 week old feral kitten and Sabrina a 9 year old found on our property as a 3 month old abandoned kitten. I love cats and can’t resist the ones I find abandoned, have found good homes to dozens of abandoned cats.
        There is not a better stress reducer then petting a purring cat. And besides I find cats to be perfect little helpers always ready to make themselves useful whenever I pullout any sewing, stitching, or knitting project.

  2. Rag doll right? Son has one too her name is Pearl she has gotten fat since she was desxed or maybe she is just healthy now she has no kits hanging of her?

    • As far as we know Felicity is just a generic SPCA moggie – no rag doll. She sure doesn’t have the docile rag doll temperament!

      I think lots of cats get fat with desexing. Fissy got fixed at 4 months, and we have to watch her weight, but she loves to play so that isn’t too much of a problem!

  3. Elise says

    How meta: my work-stress-relief method posts her work-stress-relief method.

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