Ninon’s dress: the lining (and eyelets)

As you may have guessed from yesterday’s post, all the eyelets are done on Ninon’s bodice, and I’ve put the lining in and completely finished the outside.

I used some soft white linen that I had in my stash.  The white was a little blinding against the dark gold of the duchesse silk satin, so I dyed it.

Too much contrast

I used exactly the same dye that I used on the silk, but it came out pale yellow.  It’s fascinating what dye does on different fibres.

Dark gold yellow on beige silk, pale yellow on white linen. And my eyelets

The entire lining is stitched down over the boned linen base using running stitches, just like the outer duchesse silk satin.

The stitched down linen lining

I finished the edges of the front point, and the entire neckline by turning over the edges of the lining and tacking them down to the turned-over duchesse silk satin using an invisible whip stitch, just like the finishing on the Bath dress.

Finished neckline and front point

The lining stitched down around the neckline

Unlike the front point, the tabs don’t get finished in this fashion; they will be bound.  In preparation for that, I’ve basted all around the tabs just to hold everything in place.

The finished front edge, and basted tabs

So now I need to bind the tabs.  And make sleeves.  And find some awesome jewels to go around the neckline and down the front.


  1. Zach says

    I’m still trying to find out what the gems are on the inspiration gown. Rubies? Garnet? I suppose it matters most upon what flatters the golden-yellow color of the fabric…. By the by, do you have a post on how to make eyelets successfully?

    • After squinting really hard at the inspiration picture, I think it is gold braid with rubies and pearls. I’m not sure about the rubies, but there are definitely pearls.

      I don’t have a post on how to do eyelets successfully. I’ll add that to my tutorial to-do list.

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