Happy Anniversary Gran and Granbob!

Gran and Granbob are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this winter.  Pretty amazing!

They met working for the war effort.  Granbob had to wait for Gran to turn 18 before he could make his intentions known, but he was pretty fast about it.  Her debutant party doubled as their engagement party!


Gran and Grandbob get married, 1951

They look like just the sweetest, happiest couple in their wedding pictures, and 60 years later, they are still just the sweetest, happiest couple. Her traditional horseshoe must have been all the good luck they say it is.

Grand and Grandbob get married, 1951 (detail)

I love Gran’s tiara, and her wedding bouquet. I wonder what happened to her tiara. And what kind of flowers she carried. Hydrangeas or those green puffball flowers? And maybe chrysanthemums? And jasmine?

The bride and bridesmaids, 1951

Gran was attended by her two sisters, and Granbob’s only sister. Isn’t her baby sister (many years younger than her) just adorable?


Gran with her mother and mother in law

See the pearl necklace Gran is wearing? Gran was given it on her wedding day by her new in-laws, and she gave it to me just before our wedding. I’m wearing it in all of our wedding pictures. Awwww….



  1. KC says

    Aw! What a sweet story!

    Happy Anniversary to them!

    60 years is a long time!

  2. Zach says

    That’s so cool! That means they were married the winter of ’51? Funny–to me it looks like she has your eyes, or you have hers!

    • KC says

      Funny, I didn’t even think about how much they resemble each other (Just from pictures… LOL) they look very similar!

      • Oddly enough, I noticed that myself just today – I looked at a picture of Gran from her wedding and thought “Hmm…I make just that expression”. And we both have big noses. Sigh.

        • Well what I noticed was the eyes and the fabulous “Lancome have offered 2 million for you to advertise their new ligloss” lips and smile! Noses don’t enter into it! 🙂

          • Just what I noticed. The smile. You definitely inherited that from her, and you can be proud and happy that you did.

            Congratulations to them! If congratulations from a complete stranger matter. 😉

            A friend got married on Friday. I really hope it will turn out to be such a happy marriage.

          • I’m not actually related to her – Gran is Mr Dreamy’s maternal grandmother, so our looking alike is pure coincidence!

  3. How wonderful congrats to both would love to see a now pic.What happened to her dress? So glad thatyou got the pearls.I have my grans wedding shoes can be seen on an old post I did about wedding dresses

    • Oooh…wedding shoes! How fun! Not many brides save those.

      Gran’s wedding dress was used for dress ups by her daughters and, alas, no longer exists.

  4. jackiead says

    What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. A lovely wedding dress, I love the simplicity. A congratulations for 60 years.

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