20th Century

More of Madge’s monkey business

Remember last week’s post about Madge and her 17th century dress in the contemporary setting of 1932’s White Zombie?  Well, in my search for images, I also found this picture of Madge:

Madge in a corset

Wowzers!  Va Va Voom!  Those are some curves!

Now compare it to another, more characteristic, image of Madge:

Madge as a 20s flapper

Yeah…  Something havey cavey is going on there.  There is some serious padding and sculpture going on in the first photo.

This fits in perfectly with my post on the 1903 corset, and Lauren’s comment on all the padding in the Truly Victorian pattern. It takes a lot of engineering to go from ’20s sylph to Camille Clifford’s rival!


  1. Is it me or does that corset look a bit too big for Madge? There seems to be some gaping going on near her underarms. And her bust does not look like it is supported in the corset either….

    or am I seeing things?

    • I totally agree. I think it is part of the whole illusion that is being created – it doesn’t matter if the corset doesn’t support the bust as long as the bust looks big for a couple of pictures!

      I’m sure the dress wasn’t made for her, just something from a costume shop for a photoshoot.

  2. Fascinating! I have the opposite problem, Edwardian curves that are very hard to suppress, lol, it makes 20s costuming a nightmare!

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