So, you finished a dress? Now what?

There are still a few things to do once I finish the construction of a dress.  Take the Ninon dress: all the construction and finishing is completed, and I’m waiting on the trim until I find the right lace.  In the meantime, I’m doing my usual finished project clean up.

First, any extra fabric goes back in my stash, with anything large enough folded, and all the little scraps in a bag.  That way I’ll know exactly where they are if I need them for another project (like this jacket!).

Because nothing sucks more than going to do a project and not being able to find the fabric!

Second, I make sure my pattern is absolutely updated and correct, with all my notes on it.  I have a really bad habit of just making a messy pile of all my toiles while I am in the throes of sewing.  So at the end of a project, before I have forgotten everything I did as I made it, I re-do the pattern.

Checking the front panel pattern against all the versions

This was particularly important with Ninon’s bodice, as I ended up making so many alterations to the front point that needed to be recorded.

I also had never made an official pattern piece for the front fashion fabric & lining pieces where I got rid of the side seam for the covering fabrics.

The original cut-out finish fabric w/ side seams and dorky points over the no-side seam lining

So I checked and re-checked all four of the support bodice pieces, and the fifth outer fabric lining piece that covers the centre front and side pieces, and patterned them all up on heavy cardstock, and made tons of notes on each piece.

Pattern pieces

Then I cut out all the card pieces, clipped them together, and stuck them in my pattern box.

My 3rd (or was that 4th?) pattern piece, and the final pattern piece

Ninon’s bodice went back in the suitcase the dress is stored in, and that is that for now.  Hopefully this means that if I try to make another 1660s dress it will be easy-peasy!


  1. Invaluable that sort of organisation, you are building up a great resource of knowledge with what you are doing. Well worth that little bit of extra work.

  2. Stella says

    I don’t know how you manage that level of organisation.

    • It’s a reaction to having tried not to have that level of organisation! The hours I have wasted hunting for stuff, and trying to remember how I made a dress…

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