Polls and favourites

Last week’s poll was really interesting and enlightening for me.

The poll question was “What is your favourite Dreamstress dress?”

It’s not a question I would ever have dared ask on my own, but Elise suggested it when I asked for poll ideas (thanks Elise!) and I thought it was a great suggestion.

The most interesting thing that I learned from the poll is that there isn’t a clear favourite: the votes were widely distributed across all the garments.

The most popular was the Juno Victorian Goddess dress, with 16% of you choosing it as your favourite.  I’m not surprised: it’s a gorgeous dress, it looks amazing on the models who have worn it, and there are photos that show it off well.

It’s not actually among my favourite dresses, mostly because I didn’t make it for me, and it doesn’t fit me, so I’m a little detached from it.

The runner up was Ninon’s dress, with 12.5% of the votes.  That is one of my favourites!

It was closely followed by the 1880s Japonisme ensemble, with 10.7% of the vote.  I was reminded that I haven’t worn that in ages, and I do love it: it’s definitely time to pull it out for a photoshoot!

The 1878 Jeanne Samary dress and the 1910 Luna Moth frock both got 8.9% of the vote – time to do a photoshoot of the first, and a finish the second!

The thing that really surprised me is that the 1780s Lady Anne Darcy robe a la francaise only got one vote: in person it is the dress that people rave over.  It makes the audience spontaneously applaud when it appears.  If only photography could capture movement!

I did notice in all of this that the coloured dresses get more votes than the white ones.  Sigh  Apparently not everyone shares my obsession with neutrals!

I guess it is good that my next half dozen or so frocks that I have planned are all vivid colours.  Mostly vivid green now that I think about it.  I hope you like greens!


  1. That is indeed interesting, given how many 18th C fans hang out here. It’s hard to see it just as a photo when I’ve seen it so often in ‘person’ and it is indeed spectacular! And that fabric is so beautiful too.

  2. Vivid green! Yes, what will you be making?

    I have some strong bright green voile I’m too chicken to play with…

    • Green stuff! Happy pretty, mid Victorian and 18th century and 17th century and Regency green stuff.

      I’m having trouble imagining you being too chicken though. Whenever I think “can I handle that pattern?” I just go look at your stuff and know that yes, I can!

  3. To console you, I was really undecided between the Juno and your wedding dress. In the end, blue won, but I love blue AND white. 😉

    I’d really suggest pulling all your old, underphotographed dresses out, making a good, cool photoshoot for them, and then, maybe, asking the question again. 🙂

    • I do need to take more pictures. Photoshoots take a lot of time and energy and organising though.

      Maybe I should just ask what people’s second favourite dress is!

  4. Elise says

    You are veddy veddy welcome. I wanted to see the Vionnet dress, though. But it WAS a fun poll, and to see the preferences were fun, and to see the list of nice things to choose from was fun!

  5. I do like the Japonisme dress and the Juno gown, but my favorite is the 1540’s Flemish dress!

  6. I think the colored dresses did better because they show better on a computer….people who saw them live may vote differently.

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