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What’s up in the textile and costume world?

Well, first of all, just in case you have been locked in your closet admiring your pretty dresses and ignoring all the buzz, pre-orders are open for American Duchess’ dyeable leather 18th Devonshire shoes.  Order yours now and save $20 (and guarantee that you get a pair in your size!).  Pre-orders close 10th August.

On a more local note, Wellington Auction house Dunbar Sloane is having a ‘Vintage Costume & Boudoir Auction‘ on the 10th of August.  Based on previous costume-y auctions at Dunbar Sloanes, things will either go for really good prices, or absolutely ridiculous ones.  I might go along to see if it will be the former.  And if you really have to have something in the catalogue – well, they do do phone bidding!

Later in the month, on Aug 28, is the annual Auckland Vintage Textile Fair.  Lots of friends of mine will be there selling their wares.  It would be a great excuse for me to go visit friends in Auckland.  If only I actually needed anything to add to my stash!

Slightly more long-term is the New Zealand in Vogue exhibition at Te Papa, on until Sept 2012.  It’s just a small exhibition in their standard corridor Eyelights gallery, but should feature some cute retro frocks and accessories from the ’50s onward.  And the length of the exhibition means that there will be at least one (and probably two) sets of changeovers, as light-sensitive textiles are replaced with new items every few months to keep them from getting too much exposure.  So it’s worth going back more than once.  And it’s free.  Free is good.

Finally, this is barely textile related, but NZ will be hosting the Rugby World Cup in about a month, and the TV ads are doing their best to convince the country that we are just overcome with excitement at the thought of all those games, and that the All Blacks (the national team) might actually win again.  Take this ad:


I can’t be the only one that thinks that souvenir baby nappies (diapers for those of you not in NZ) are a bit…well…weird?  What’s next?  Commemorative toilet paper?  Will they take a leaf from the royal wedding souvenirs and release All Blacks themed condoms?

Don’t answer that.


  1. Well, I bought a set of four rugby themes teatowels, each with one word, “Crouch”, “Touch”, “Pause” and “engage” which I confess I only know is about rugby thanks to the Air NZ safety video. I bought them to cobble into a barbeque apron for a rugby fan of my acquaintance. 🙂

    • I’m totally OK with rugby teatowels. Rugby (and not just rugby, but All Blacks) diapers are a whole ‘nother kettle of weird.

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