I love mushrooms.  I love eating the kind you can eat, and I love photographing the kind you can’t eat.

I mean, just look at how cute these things are!

Some of them are more scary-gross than cute, but no less visually interesting

Cute, creepy, or just fascinating. I want to make a mushroom inspired dress. But one that doesn’t look like a cartoon.



  1. If you can find a non-cartoony red fabric with white polka dots, that would cover those cute ones… cute and very dangerous, so you’d have to make that into a dress. 😉


    Mushroom inspired dress is a brilliant idea!
    And those mushrooms are CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
    We mostly have super stinky mushrooms that make our backyard smell like a swamp here.
    But a mushroom dress could be so cute!!!!!!!

    • 🙁 Stinky mushrooms.

      The amazing thing about these mushrooms is that they were EVERYWHERE. We drove for a couple of kilometres through pine forests, and the entire forest floor and grass verges were just splashed in them

  3. Agree they’re cute. Would dearly love to see your wearable interpretation of its cuteness. Sounds beautiful- all over the forest. Looovely.

  4. Stella says

    I’m thinking something sculptural and Issey Miyake-esque that suggests the mushrooms’ gills (those wee ridges under the mushroom caps are called gills, right?)

    • I think so (re: gills). I was thinking somewhere between the spotty dress and Issey Miyake – maybe Charles James. Or a Dolly Varden with pleated gills!

      • Stella says

        That would be really cool. Probably quite trippy, but I think trippy is entirely appropriate in a mushroom inspired dress.

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