19th Century

Finished project: the ca. 1890 black satin corded corset

My 1890s black silk corded corset was actually done two weeks ago, in time for the Dr Sketchy talk, where it looked gorgeous on the model, and was immensely popular with everyone.  Not only had the original corset sold before the event, but I got three further inquiries about buying it or having one commissioned.  I guess I had better get used to cording!

This was a time consuming and nerve-wracking corset to make.  As I mentioned before, I wasn’t sure it would really fit and work until the very last, but the results are more than worth it.  As always, I do have some tweaks to make to improve the next version though.

If you want to see it on a model, there are Dr Sketchy photos here, and here.


  1. Wow, your work is always so wonderful and loveley. I really love your projects and your passion for sewing. Please keep at it !!!
    Best wishes from Germany 🙂

  2. Very excited to see this! It looks awesome! I tried mocking this up once, but it ended in me throwing it into a corner in frustration. I might have to have a second go at it now!

  3. Very lovely! It’s interesting how low it dips at the sides and how high it comes in the back; does that keep you standing up straighter?

    • It doesn’t affect your posture so much as prevent back-squidge. The low-dip under the arm keeps the corset from cutting into your underarm, so it has to come up a lot in front to cover the bust, and in back to allow a nice-smooth bodice draping over it.

  4. Jeanette says

    You did a GREAT job. It’s absolutely beautiful. I LOVE it!

    • What a fascinating pattern! I wonder if it was every put into commercial use? I’m curious as to how/where you are going to cord it, as except for the bust I don’t see a lot of straight areas that you could, and the original design doesn’t seem to include any.

      • Stella says

        I don’t know if it was ever made commercially, though like you I’d be interested to know. I’ve corded the bust gores horizontally (and that’s worked well – they’re very stiff and supportive, so big big thanks for giving me that idea). Vertically, I’ve corded up the center front beside the bust gores, between each set of bust gores, and up the back beside where the lacing holes will be. Because theres that diagonal seam across the waist, I’ll put a strip of lining fabric across the seam on the inside and cord it there too. That should take care of the vertical reinforcement, I hope.

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