20th Century

A pin-up of the ’20s

While images of saucy women have been popular as long as there were images of anything, I’ve always thought of pin-up girls as quintessentially 1940s and 50s (with just a little bit of late ’30s).  And nothing says pin-up girl more than the accidental reveal pose: the gust of wind, the playful dog, or the spilled ink that causes the skirt to be lifted, revealing the tops of stockings.

Oooh naughty!

Apparently though, that pose goes back a few decades earlier.  Check out this coquettish publicity shot of ’20s darling Madge Bellamy:





  1. I like it… There’s something so ordinary about it… Young wife, gets up to make breakfast, but last night she “forgot” her nightie so she just throws on an apron. Adorable.

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