Bridal headpieces of 1911

I’m currently working on a wedding dress, so I’m a little wedding mad this week (not that this is particularly unusual for me!).

To inspire you, and me, here are some gorgeous images of bridal headdresses from 1912.


The veils themselves might not have aged that well, but the models sure are timeless beauties.

I wonder when bows and wreaths will come back in as wedding fashion?

I'm not sure about the headdress, but her face makes me sigh

I'm not sure about the headdress, but her face makes me sigh

Removable face veils - not a new thing!

Side rosettes are never good. Even with a face like that.

Sigh.  Aren’t they gorgeous.  The models.  Still not sure about the headdresses.


    • Elise says

      Own all of the veils, not the models, right? I like them too! And I like the side-bows–probably because I have a face that likes side-bows.

      • Well…

        I’m just joking! I LOVE all of them, but unfortunately, they do not have wedding dresses to match them…just bodices…

  1. I like the veils! I would definitely wear one of them if I was getting married. Maybe not the headdress one, though. I’ve never been into that kind.
    And the models are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wouldn’t Shell have made a great model in 1911? She has that same sweet, symmetrical face..mind you the nose stud is a bit anachronistic! I LOVE these, but am with you on the side rosettes. It’s never a good look is it? Whenever symmetrical side bunchy hairdos and embellishments have been in vogue I think they look wrong – 1640’s, 1830’s and 1920’s spring to mind in particular!

    • Funny, I don’t think of Shell as a 1910 at all – more 1670 or 1830. There is something so very clear and refined about the 1910s, and Shell’s face is almost too round and soft and sweet for that sort of clarity. She has an 1830s chin. And a 1670s body and a 1670s chin. I’d LOVE to see Shell in 1670s! She also has a wonderful strength to her face – quite late Victorian, but by 1910 the idealised images were loosing that.

  3. I LOVE side rosettes, actually! I’m not sure they look good on everyone, but they look CUTE! A bit of a Leia bun style, come to think of it…
    And I love the shawl bow. Well, not the bow itself, I’m not a big fan of bows, but I love the idea of using a lace shawl as a veil!

    • Natalie says

      I was just going to say the same thing! The side rosettes are my favorite look out of all of them. Very sweet!

  4. I really love the first picture with the bow and the double wreath. Makes me wish I was planning my own wedding again.

  5. BeckaJo says

    I personally love the side bows…but I actually have quite an Edwardian profile. I don’t say that to be arrogant or vain…that round-cheeked small-mouthed look that is best suited to those enormous pompadours does not look good *at all* with a Modern Sensible Haircut and Professional Suit. I swear, the day I get tenure I’m going to switch to dressing like An Edwardian Schoolma’rm and be done with it.

    If I could convince my partner to have a wedding, I’d definitely be wearing that veil.

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