18th Century

This is not sexy

Can you imagine your man coming to bed wearing this?

Man's cap, American (Boston, Massachusetts), 18th century, MFA Boston

I’d fall out of bed laughing and probably never stop.

The embroidery itself is amazing though.


  1. Considering it was probably made by the wife, I’d guess it was all her idea. I wonder what *he* thought about wearing it???

  2. Hahahahahahaha! The wife probably buttered him up with some “You will be like the Sultan of my bed-Orientalist” suggestion.

    • I think this is later 18th century than perruques. And how would it preserve it – you’d have to put the wig into a topknot sticking straight off your head! From what I’ve read, these types of caps were for hiding your bald, shaved head after you took the wig off. So sexy 😉

  3. I suspect that it was mostly older men (say, over 50) who wore those caps in bed. They would either be widowers, and have no partner–or would be wealthy enough to be paying for sex anyway. That’s my theory, anyway. 🙂

  4. Of course ridiculousness aside, the embroidery is gorgeous! Such beautiful colours and elegant lines. Such a waste!

  5. How far down the bed would he have to lie to keep the head board from knocking it off. His eyes would be at his wife’s boob level…….Now we are getting somewhere…..

  6. Elizabeth says

    I love the embroidery but that’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Well, if you’re used to the shape and height of a wig, this would be rather minimalist, no?

    I could just see Stephen wearing such a thing… Don’t give him any ideas!

  8. Honestly, if I were an old man, I would probably wear something like that simply for the sake of looking pretty darn cool and practically hilarious.

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