Shell’s dress – a practically perfect rolled hem

In case it wasn’t obvious from the skirt panels I cut, Shell’s wedding dress has a whole lot of hem.

Metres and metres of hem

Metres and metres of it in fact, on both the crepe chiffon overskirt and the dotted swiss lining.

Even once Shell stood in my living room for an hour while I carefully measured and cut and took off quite a bit of length and width from the skirt and train, there was a lot of hem left to do.

I hand hemmed my own wedding dress, but I didn’t have the time or inclination to do that for Shell.

My solution?  A rolled hem, using my rolled hem foot.

And I was slow, and careful, and it came out perfectly.

Itsy-bitsy perfectly even rolled hem

I stretched the hem just a tiny bit as I sewed it, so that it ruffles ever so slightly

Little tiny lettuce ruffles

The whole thing drapes beautifully, and just hits the ground, so it doesn’t show Shell’s shoes unless she wants it too, and won’t get dirty on the grass.

No shoe showage


  1. Sineuve says

    Wow, hems can be quite evil. Crepe Chiffon, whoa!

    I wonder, what is happening in the background of picture 1, though. Is someone wearing safety goggles against flying pins?

  2. Stella says

    The more I see of this dress, the more I really love the colours and textures of the fabric.

  3. Wow, that hem is gorgeous. There must be miles of it though! I’m loving all your progress posts on this gown 🙂

  4. I am IN LOVE with my rolled hem foot! I can’t believe I’d never seen or used one until a few months ago. Learnin’ new things every week, I tell you…

    The dress is looking amazing, can’t wait to see the the finished product!

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