20th Century

A fabulous parasol

Isn’t this just darling?

Parasol, 1915-29, Italian, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Parasol, 1915-29, Italian, Metropolitan Museum of Art

If I saw that in the shops I would snap it up in a heartbeat!

And as much as I love Felicity, I have to admit that the parasol would loose a great deal of its charm if it had a cat on it instead of a dog.

Can’t you just imagine Margaret Gorman (yes, the first Miss America) strolling down the sidewalk with that parasol and her darling dog?

Margaret Gorman posing with her Greyhound, "Long Goodie", April 1925



  1. Daniel says

    A borzoi parasol?! That is FABULOUS! I’m a cat person too, but wow, that’s just something else!!

    Reminds me of the short story by Saki, “Cousin Teresa”.

  2. Lynne says

    Cats are friends, companions, and tyrants: dogs are costume accessories. A Borzoi inevitably leads to slender skirts and cloche hats, and possibly parasols. Fat women need not apply. I have a beautifully dressed friend (who will kill me if she knows I even alluded to this) who has had a variety of breeds of dogs, and has dressed impeccably to ensure that she and the particular species ‘go’ together.

    Catch a cat doing more than add a fine fur trim to trouser legs on a smooch-past! And of course, cats don’t do promenades with mother.

    Both right in their place, I know.

    • Hmmm…my experience with dogs, even the most elegant breeds, is that their coat either sheds even worse than cats or smells funny, or is really dusty and gets you dirty when you rub against it. And then their is the walking them experience, with generally results in at least one incidence of poo-picking-up or “OH NO! Do NOT roll in that dead thing. Ick! Eww! And most certainly do not EAT IT! Or that poo that someone didn’t pick up!”

      Yeah, very elegant! I see the parasol as a beautiful fantasty – just like the crinoline woman in her garden!

      • Margaret Hoyle says

        Actually greyhounds shed very little and do not smell. I own a cat and 2 greyhounds and most of the fur comes from that 1 little tiny cat. My dogs have never rolled in dead things or eaten them or eaten poo.

    • I’ve been reading your blog posts and this made me laugh. =)

      I love parasols–especially the interesting ones with whimsical designs (or Mary Poppins handles!). I’ve had a distaste for greyhounds(wrongly so, I admit) ever since an unfortunate trip with a bus company by the same name. It’s nothing against the dogs–they are cool–but they brings up bad memories.

  3. I WANT it. And I’m a cat person, too, but that is beautiful. Although I think my Conrad – long, black, and elegant – would look rather decorative, too… 😉

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