Shell by sea

The day before Shell’s wedding (and before the buttons were sewn on) we had a ‘trial run’ of the dress and a photoshoot by the sea.  Well, I say we, but it was supposed to be Sarah’s photoshoot, and my role was to carry the train, but I brought along my camera, just in case.

It wasn’t the best photoshoot conditions: very late in the day, rainy, overcast, grey and glaring.  So I used this as an excuse to play “my photography sucks, but LOOK, I have cool filters!  And border thingees!”

I may have gotten slightly carried away with that.  Ahem.

Check out Sarah’s photos from the shoot, and the grocery trip afterwards, and the princess conversation.


  1. I think Shell needs an award for Best Bride EVER. I’m also taking a tip from her on the shoes. My son and his bride got married outside. I wore short heels. I spent half my time pulling those heels out of the soft ground and the other half barefoot. The bridesmaids and brides all had espadrille style shoes, so they didn’t sink. Next time I attend an outdoor wedding it’s fancy trainers for me.
    LOVE the grocery store photos!

    • Wait, don’t I get the award for designing making the dress and suggesting the shoes? 😉

      With Shell’s outdoor wedding they actually reminded all the guests that the ground would be soft and they would be more comfortable in wedges or flats. I actually ended up buying a pair the morning of the wedding :-/

  2. That 5th photo down is BEAUTIFUL… it makes me think of some Irish or Scottish princess waiting for someone to return.

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