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Goddesses and queens in the Rose Garden

Last Sunday Elisabeth the Sewphist and Sarah of Capital Adventures and I had a photoshoot in the Rose Garden and Greenhouse at the Wellington Botanical Gardens.

The photoshoot didn’t go quite to plan – Madame O was supposed to join us and wear her fabulous frilly pink polonaise gown, and I was wearing my chemise a la reine and was going to bring 18th century for Elisabeth, and we would have been the perfect late 18th century trio.  But Madame O couldn’t make it, and I couldn’t find a petticoat for Elisabeth, and we ran dreadfully late in getting ready.  And my hat just wouldn’t sit right.

But I sucked up the hat, brought my green silk satin pseudo 1930s Stella gown for Elisabeth to wear, and we caught the last hour that the Greenhouse was open and the last of the Rose Garden sunshine and had a lovely time anyway.

Elisabeth channeled the (rather strange) statue in the begonia house in both elegant and literal fashion.  Sarah wore the tropical flowers without picking them.  I frolicked among the frangipani and bromeliads and dipped my fingers in the fish pond, and we stopped to admire particularly choice shots.

I’m still figuring out my new camera (and the battery ran out) so I didn’t get the best images, but these are the ones I did get, and of course, you can follow Sarah for her images. The lovely Elisabeth is responsible for the images of me on my camera – she did better with it than I did!


  1. That looks like such a fun shoot! I confess, I always take silly pictures mocking the serious statuary in serious places. But those outfits look perfect for the background, and I am going to have to go look at the “official” images.

  2. Hi

    Lovely photos BUT for future reference photo shoots are not allowed in the Begonia House. I’m sure you will understand that this is for the comfort and convenience of all our visitors.
    Photo shoots in any other part of the Botanic Garden must be booked and there may also be a fee charged. Email treehouse@wcc.govt.nz or phone 499 1400 for more info.
    Kind regards
    Charmaine Scott
    Visitor Services
    Botanic Gardens of Wellington

    • Thanks Charmaine. We did actually talk to the people at the Begonia House, and they were fine with us. What is the line between photo shoot/people taking casual shots with cameras (because obviously that is allowed)?

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