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Dancing on the Titanic

The Ghosts of the Titanic Ball was last night, and it was fabulous.  We had the best time.  It was held at Breaker Bay Hall, which is this adorable little 1950s community hall along the coast in Wellington.  It has a lovely wood floor, and a itsy-bitsy stage with a mural depicting the scene outside the hall.

Here are just a few pictures.  I didn’t get that many because I was busy arranging music/refilling the punch bowl/calling dances/greeting people/dancing/posing/teaching.

All together now

Alas, I didn’t finish the Luna Moth dress in time to wear it.  I debated between the Laurel dress and vintage tails, and actually took both to the hall to get dressed there.  When it came time to get dressed, I realised I’d forgotten a shirt and bowtie for the tails, so the dress it was!

The Sewphist and I

Though I didn’t manage to get a new dress made for myself, I did make two new costumes for other women: a simple mauve-grey overtunic to go with a purple dress I made years ago, and a fabulous gold sheath for Emily of Ever So Scrumptious.  I also lent another friend my waterlily dress.

Four lovely ladies in four dresses I made

I’m really pleased with Emily’s frock, especially as I made it based on two hurried fittings.  I want to re-drape and tweak the bodice just a little though.  And do a proper photoshoot!

Emily and Sarah the Photographer ham it up onstage

Emily and Sarah (who made her own fantastic dress)

There was a great mix of frocks at the event: cunning amalgamations of modern clothes to make them look historic, purpose made vintage recreations, a few vintage pieces, and fantastic rentals.

Madame O, the Sewphist, Mr Sewphist

The gentlemen came up with some great looks too.

First Class and Steerage get to know each other

But the best costume of the ball?  That award definitely goes to Nini of Things Unseen for getting into the Ghosts of the Titanic theme.  Love it!



I’m afraid we were a bit unseemly and took a lot of “Iceberg!” photographs.  I hope 100 years is long enough to mix a bit of irreverence along with remembrance.


Iceberg! (no idea why I think this is so delightful)

The moment after the ship and iceberg meet


  1. Cheyene says


    The outfits are beautiful, and of course you looked lovely.
    I was laughing so hard as I read about and saw the “Iceberg!” photos!

    Too bad you were unable to finish the Luna Moth dress. Though the Laurel dress is quite as delightful!

  2. wow! your dress is lovely! looks like the night was a hoot, Breaker Bay – that was my first home in Wellington. Hope the Southerly was blowing – for extra artic wind chill factor!

    • Thank you! Actually, it was a calm, still, clear, cold night – just like the night the Titanic sank, and perfect for standing outside to cool off between dances. Lucky you getting to live in Breaker Bay. It seems like such a lovely community.

  3. Lynne says

    It all looks such fun. And everyone made a wonderful effort – I agree The Ghost of the ‘Titanic’ is a winner!

    Brilliant tipped post-impact photo at the end!

  4. So much fun! Man I need to find a group of folks that will do that kind of stuff with me. My group is still pretty small. 2 core people…with a few that are willing to wear someone elses work occasionally.

  5. It looks like you had so much fun! What delightful photos. I’m sorry you didn’t get the Luna Moth gown finished (because I’ve been dying to see it completed!) but you look lovely as always in the Laurel dress:)

  6. The gold sheath was ravishing to wear – I was getting compliments all night! Thank you again!

  7. What a beautiful set of dresses you’ve made! The event looks like it was so much fun, and I think the iceberg photos are hilarious!

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