1. Thank you for sharing! Perfectly true – and then there are always their huge cute eyes asking “What?! Are you angrey?! With me?!”
    Mwahahaha – I’ve laughed so hard it almost sounded as if I’ve coughed out a hairball πŸ˜‰


  2. This is obviously her apology for hissing at you – she wants to show an interest in your work.

  3. Kattis says

    Your cat is so sweet! My cat always sleep on my fabric when I want to sew… I think thats theyΒ΄s thing! πŸ™‚

  4. Better a cat than a child. You will be ALMOST done with something and then you get a constant wave of them acting stupid, begging for food & drink (even though you just fed them) or them wanting to play in your work area.

  5. Lynne says

    So beautiful! Were these shots taken before or after The Outrage of the Tail episode?

    Felicity has a beautiful coat – she looks good on everything!

    • These shots are well before the tail episode (from which she has entirely recovered, forgiven and forgotten – thank goodness!). If you look at them closely you can actually trace my sewing over a year – the White Zombie dress, WWI military jacket, Aline’s hat, and lots and lots of toiles.

  6. Hayley says

    Over easter I brought myself a sewing machine, and have been rediscovering the joys of taking over the lounge floor, pinning out and cutting fabric. But something was missing….. I have no kitty here to roll around on my work and claw apart the tissue paper pattern! πŸ™

    • Yay for getting back into sewing! I lock Felicity out of the room when I work with paper patterns – I’ve had too many unhappy experiences with her claws to risk that anymore. Sorry that you don’t have your own adorapest kitty though πŸ™

  7. the sleeping doesn’t bother me so much as the flying-leap-and-pounce which is most likely to occur when i have just arranged leaves on a delicate wool shawl and am about to roll it up.
    sometimes more than one cat will simultaneously attempt this feat, pouncing and gathering the fabric into the “death hug”…the front paws wrapped around the cloth while the back paws vigorously begin to shred and the purr is on full volume.
    and after that, the only thing you can do with the shredded cloth is twine it into string…

    • Oh dear. Lucky I only have one cat, but she knows that move! Even more luckily, she only attempts that on things that are already roughly ball shaped, or at least quite three-dimensional, so sheet fabric is safe. I only have to worry about rolls of old lace, bundles of fabric, knit toys, and cushions. Also, occasionally my arm….

  8. Miss Blueberry Muffin in the other hemisphere is most impressed; she says that Felicity has the full-body-fabric contact move down pat, and what is more, knows the effectivess of Outstretched Paw; the human is too wowed by that cute paw to be bothered that the cat has staked claim to the fabric.

    Has she located your ostrich feathers yet?

    Very best,

    Natalie and Muffin, who could be Felicity’s long-lost relative

  9. You mean when you up against it for time the cat doesn’t do the sewing secretly while your asleep (Cinderella style)?

    • Haha. Unfortunately, no. I have fantasies about the cat and the dressmaker as the new elves and the shoemaker. Also fantasies about BEING the cat, and not having to worry about the sewing!

  10. As a sewist, I am greatful my dog is mostly uninterested in what I am doing. As a blogger I am disappointed that she doesn’t provide me with much in the way of cute animal and sewing pictures. Fissy is an absolute doll. Probably why she can get away with sheading and shreading on you fabric stash!

  11. Oh my goodness, so much cute overload! Felicity is a very good-looking cat! If Walnut weren’t neutered, he’d totally be making eyes at her. And the chart is so spot on!

  12. Oh, does one recognise it, the phenomenon of the Helpful Kitty…

    Haha, it’s perfectly wonderful, and so very true!

  13. jackiead says

    Just finished looking at pictures of adorable Felicity. Always enjoy her lovely poses. She is a cat of exceptional taste in fabric, wonder if smells anything like catnip?

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