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Sunglasses and stays – Baroque & Rococo Out-takes part II

The Grandeur & Frivolity programme for Radio NZ is starts today, there is a little video with a Baroque dancer, and Mandi’s fabulous images are on their website, so to celebrate, here are a few more of my out-takes.

Street poses - with Clarissa just visible through the window

Bucolic bicycling

With Mandi just visible capturing them from the other direction

Checking the latest court goss

The 18th century French court was obsessed with glass - especially mirrors, but this would have to do!

All those clothes take a lot of washing


Missed my first set of photographs?  They are here.


  1. Lynne says

    I can’t decide between the clothes-line shot or the one of the ladies trotting purposefully towards the Fresh Bun Bake!

    • Well, then you’d love the ones of the ladies actually eating lamingtons and hanging clothes on the line that Mandi got! I was busy ironing and photographing something else during those ones.

  2. The Mad Purple Chicken says

    That looks like so much fun! What sorts of reactions did you get from pedestrians?

    Also, just a note on the polls question, the plague was called the “black death” or the “bubonic plague” but never the ‘black plague”. My history teacher used to correct us on that all the time and now it’s been quite thoroughly drilled into my head.

    • People in Wellington are too sophisticated. They just pretend that they are too cool to notice the lady in 18th century dress/the grim reaper/the giant chicken/Orlando Bloom walking down the street. You see the flicker of registration, and then the carefully composed face!

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