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Pretty princesses in yellow

Last week Theresa came to town from Melbourne, and of course we made time to do what we do best together: get dressed to the nines and take pictures.

Last time our theme was late Victorian, this time we went yellow: Ninon on me (yay, finally!) and the pet (Oooooh) on Theresa.

It was a cold, windy, drizzly, overcast day , so an outdoor photoshoot was out.  Ninon can NOT get wet, and I’m not too sure about the water-fastness of the chintz the pet is made from.  Where to go in Wellington that is indoors, attractive, has good lighting, and where they will let you take pictures?

The old Dominion Museum building, now the arts building at Massey University.

We got soooooooooooooo many beautiful pictures.

I managed to edit an hour and a half of photos down to 250 keepers.  Then I had to edit those down to 90 that I really wanted to show you.  More grueling editing, and I’m at 75 that I really, really want to show you.  By the time I’m down to a reasonable amount I’m going to be at really, really, really, really, really, really.

Theresa and I make a great team because we are equally excited about being behind and in front of the camera.  Our shoots are punctuated by excited cries of “Oooh…my turn, my turn!”, and they are equally likely to be a desire to take pictures as to be taken.

Of course, as lovely as it is to take pictures of each other, it’s even better to get some together.  On this occasion we were helped out by a fashion student who had just finished his exams and was waiting for his friends to finish.  Fashion students are used to photographing people in improbably clothes!

Here are the best of the images of Theresa and I together.  Total era mixing, but I rather like that.

I’ll be showing you the other 70 or so soon 😉


  1. Christine says

    You look like a princess out of a story in the Ninon! Like live-in-a-castle-and-be-carried-of-by-a-knight-on-horseback-to-live-happliy-ever-after Princess.

  2. Lynne says

    Oh, what fun! Ninon looks great on that other young woman who models for you, but is absolutely stunning on you! I know you look good in a range of costumes from different eras, but that one is one of the best! The colour! The lustre of the silk! Great hair, too.

    • Thank you! I’m so excited by how it looks. I had no idea it would be so effective. And yes, that’s all my hair 😉

  3. You do look incredible in it. Funny, seeing inside Massey – I’ve not been in there since it was the Museum and it is kind of cool to see the great Hall decluttered but also a little surreal.

    • Thank you! You must get up to Massey – you can wander in pretty much any time. These pictures were actually taken in the entrance hall, not the Great Hall (it was full of students taking exams)

  4. Fabulous photos! My friend from NZ is coming to Sydney, no piccies like you, but we will have a great catch-up.

  5. You look so lovely in Ninon! It suits you perfectly 🙂 The pet doesn’t look half bad either!

  6. Thrilled to see the photos — and be in them! It’s always such a pleasure to model your gowns, and I do think you’re right that we work very well together. I’m already thinking of cool photoshoot places here in Melbourne for your next visit…

  7. You look gorgeous! I love both outfits but my heart skipped a beat when I saw you in Ninon.

  8. I love mixed era photos. My friend and I do that sometimes. We sometimes pick a theme like color or afternoon dresses and sometimes just go with what we are working on. It is fun to tell passers by “I’m dressed in 1890s fashions, she is in 1870s…..” Helps them see how fashions changed over time.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Your hair looks perfect with the droopy sleeves! I’m not normally a fan of yellow, but these photos might change my mind…can’t wait to see the other 200+ photos!

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