And the winner is…

Thank you all for entering the giveaway!  I had so much fun reading your comments and getting lots of fabulous party ideas.

I had not so much fun sorting out the entries from comments (silly WordPress doesn’t # comments) and then fun again using a random cat number generator to pick one (spread them out on the floor and wait for Fiss to hack up something on one of them – OK, not really, I just used the internet) to select the winner, who is….(drumroll here):

Karen of MidWestNutmeg.  Karen asked for chocolate (kiwifruit, though I might stick in some hokey pokey too) and suggested:

a vintage style tea, only with cocoa and cider for the nice cool fall weather here in New England!

Congratulations Karen!  I’ll be contacting you for shipping info.

I’ll be doing another giveaway soon with sewing stuff like vintage patterns and fabric and notions (and more chocolate or licorice – because chocolate and licorice are always good!), so keep an eye out all you sewists!

And, for your entertainment and edification, the last photograph I took on my trip home to Hawaii:

Menehune are the Hawaiian version of leprechauns or elves – smaller than humans, sometimes mischievous, sometimes helpful, famous for building complicated heiau (temples) or stone fishponds in a night.

And while real menehune may be hobbit sized, that doesn’t mean that imagining every good looking builder or airport support staff that passes by in a malo (loincloth) doesn’t improve your mood vastly as you wait four hours for your flight.  😉


    • Thanks Lynne! I just saw the posting…such a great way to start the morning 🙂 … well, it’s morning on this side of the globe anyway…

      • Marguerite says

        Sorry that blog gave rather too much away – I wanted to delete the link but doubled my posts instead :oP

        I hope you enjoy the book though

  1. Marguerite says

    Hello! Have you ever read My sister Sif? It’s a children’s book set in the Pacific. I think it includes some menehune :o)

  2. Demented Seamstress says

    Yay! Congratulations, karen!

    And that is a really funny picture, I had never heard of menehune before. It seems that spell-check hasn’t either.

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