The giveaway is now CLOSED.  I’ll post the winner tomorrow

So when I did my last giveaway I promised that I would do another giveaway soon, but this one would be sewing themed.  So, just in time for the holidays, a red, white, & green sewing giveaway.

This giveaway is open to anyone in a country I can legally ship it to.

So what’s up for grabs?  This:

That is 1.9m of tabby weave cotton with a delicious Japanese inspired print of cherry blossoms and irises in pink, red, jade green, and black on white; bias hemming tape (you know how I love that stuff) in jade green and red; piping in red and green; bias ribbon in red and white check; thread in pale yellow, white, and two shades of green; plus a measuring tape (because you can never have too many of those).

Plus, pick your favourite of these four patterns:

They are:

Simplicity 6276: a great early ’60s pattern with a cute shift dress, but the real prize is all the shirt variants.  Size 38″ bust

Simplicity 3308: early ’60s sheath dress with adorable bow details.  Size 35″ bust

Simplicity 4756: 1940s bed jacket and slipper pattern.  Size 34″ bust.

Maudella 5069: 1961 dress with a cumberbund waistband and a bell skirt.  (I’m hoping someone picks this just because it goes so perfectly with the colour scheme)  Size 36″ bust

Plus, I’ll throw in a bag of licorice or a bar of Whittakers chocolate (milk, dark, mac-nut, fruit & nut, kiwifruit, orange, or hokey-pokey)

To enter:

Leave a comment telling me:

1) Which pattern you would like, what you would make it up in and when you would wear it, and

2) if you would prefer chocolate or licorice, and if chocolate, what flavour you would prefer


For extra chances to win, blog, twitter, facebook or pinterest the giveaway, and come back and leave a link under your comment.  You’ll get one extra chance per source.

The giveaway closes a week from today —  next week Friday at 12 noon NZ time  (so that’s Thur in the rest of the world).  I’ll pick the winner via a random number generator.  Good luck!


  1. sweet giveaway!! I think I’d have to go with Simplicity 6276 because I’d get the most use out of it–a cotton blouse and a navy blue shift dress would be perfect work attire for me!! And bless you for offering licorice–I love black licorice.


  2. Karen in Michigan says

    Oh, how wonderful. I think I’d like the Maudella pattern as I have designing full-skirted dresses in my head lately. I have some black and white polka dotted cotton marinating in the fabric stash. I almost made it up last summer to wear to the Dream Cruise, a huge vintage car show here in Detroit but I didn’t have time. Maybe for next summer. And although I like licorice, I’m pretty picky about the type so I’d have to chose fruit and nut chocolate.


  3. These are great things 😮

    I would love the Maudella pattern, I love the really cutesy ’60s dresses and I think they go well with my figure (although I’m not that slim :s ) I would probably wear it to school if I’m not working (art school is messy) or to the opening of an exhibition. Maybe I would be able to make it in time for the expo I’m having in spring, the fabric would be perfect for it. Oh en altho I´m Dutch I´m not that fond of liqorice so I would prefer the chocolate 🙂


  4. Nice patterns but all so big for me!!%))) May be you know I have Maudella 5152, but couldn’t find info which year was this pattern?


  5. Definitely the Maudella pattern. I’m going to a mid-century themed wedding in January and this pattern would be PERFECT for my dress.

    And chocolate. Dark chocolate. Every time.


  6. Angela Wicentowich says

    I just recently found your site and now you have a giveaway! Lucky me. Thank you.
    I would love the Simplicity 4756 as it’s a pattern style I do not own!
    I’m also a fan of dark chocolate!


  7. Sharonnz says

    I’d have to pick Simplicity 3308 – a vintage pattern actually in my size! I’ll visit Global Fabrics for fabric inspiration. I’d wear it as soon as Wgtn decides that summer can stay. Go the licorice!


  8. 1) Which pattern you would like, what you would make it up in and when you would wear it, and

    I’d love the Maudella pattern! It’s adorable and I’d definitely make it up in a delicious kelly green taffeta with a cherry red cumberbund 🙂

    2) if you would prefer chocolate or licorice, and if chocolate, what flavour you would prefer

    Always, always chocolate 🙂 milk is my personal favorite! You rock for doing this giveaway!


  9. This is such a cool giveaway!

    DEFINITELY the Maudella pattern – it’s so lovely! I’d make the short sleeved version up in cherry red with the cummerbund in cream for an upcoming wedding!

    Also, I sadly do not know what hokey-pokey flavour is, so I’d totally choose that!


  10. Woohoo! Hooray for giveaways! Thanks for sharing your loot with us.

    I am loving the Simplicity 6276 for the shirt varieties! I’d likely make it out of some light shirting I just ordered, and wear it regularly. So practical of me, I know. I tend to sew things I can wear frequently, and it looks like something I’d wear.

    Tough choices… Whittakers or licorice… I guess licorice in a non-traditional licorice flavor would be interesting. Even regular licorice is nice as long as it’s not the Dutch/Danish style of Salmiak salty licorice I’m good. ;0)

    P.S. Check my blog if you’re interested in the 1960’s coat pattern I made up for the SW challenge, I’m doing a giveaway, too!


  11. I won’t enter ta very muchly, just cos I have so much of this stuff of my own and no time to do anything creative with it, but I just wanted to add to Hasel’s comment about not being so slim. My curvaceous (plump) thirteen year old daughter wears my mother’s dresses from the late 50s/early sixties – narrow waists and full skirts – and looks fabulous. Far more flattering I think than some of the recent fashion styles for the fuller figure.
    If I was entering your draw I think I’d go for the sheath dress and the orange choc! I’d make the pattern up in a nice slubby piece of period barkcloth from my collection and wear it for my market stall.

  12. I would love the Maudella 5069! It’s so cute! I would make it in a nice summer weight printed cotton. Where would I wear it? Everywhere! It would be a go-to warm weather dress.

    Kiwi flavored chocolate sounds interesting and probably delicious. I’ve never tried it before, so that would be the thing for me.

    Best, Quinn


  13. Oooh, pretty! I’d love the Simplicity 3308 – I’ve got some dark pink polka dot fabric that I think that sheath dress would look lovely in, with white trim.

    As for chocolate vs licorice – I adore both, so would be happy with either, in any flavour. 🙂


  14. This is a truly lovely giveaway!
    1) I would love to win the Maudella 5069: 1961 dress pattern and then sew it up in a festive print for the holidays.
    2) Licorice would be amazing!

    *Sorry if this comment is a repeat, I tried to leave one earlier in the day but don’t think it was succseeful. :-/


  15. Roxanne says

    Oh goodness…if I have to pick 6276 because I am loving the different shirt options. Could be all sorts of sleeve lengths for all seasons! To cute of fabric too!!!
    Licorice will always win in my book! Plus side…no one else in the house like it so…ALL MINE! 🙂


  16. Caroline says

    I LOVE the Maudella pattern so much!! I would make it up in a pretty pink and cream floral brocade. I would wear it first for a holiday party and then for our spring semi-formal, though I might shorten it a tad (-:. I’m partial to milk chocolate or fruit and nut!


  17. Caroline says

    How do you choose between those patterns?? – all those shirt variations (perfect for some stash busting!), the adorable dress with bows and but I think the Maudella pattern woudl be the one that I would get the most use out of (and have nothing similar to in my stash!) and the fabric just screams to be made up in it – perfect for a kiwi summer, relaxing at a food and wine festival while nibbling on the whittakers!! Heaven!!


  18. Lyndle says

    Ooh, how generous of you! I’d go for simp 6276 because those blouses are great… ( and it’s my size, even), but I have to love those bedjackets too. Pity I don’t lead more of a breakfast in bed kind of life! Then again, maybe I would sit up in bed more if I had a jacket to keep me warm. Anyway, 6276 and dark chocolate would be my choices. Can’t go past Whittakers.


    • Lyndle says

      Oh yes, I’d make the blouses up in a bunch of silks I have in my stash – mostly crepe de chine weight – waiting for the right pattern.

  19. I love that fabric! I’d choose Simplicity 6276 partly because it’s my size and I’d make it up in some printed cotton from my stash. For the sweets I’d have to go with hokey pokey chocolate, yum!


  20. Simplicity 6276 and licorice! (Though I’m tempted by the 40’s bed jacket.) I don’t know what fabric I would use for it — probably see what is in the stash. I work from home as a computer programmer and it is all too easy to throw on a style-less t-shirt and pants that don’t show the dog hair. My goal would be to sew something simple and comfortable to wear around the house, and code things “in style.”


  21. I too would love the Maudella pattern to make something pretty for summer. My pre-pregnancy dresses don’t tend to fit me now because I seem to have acquired Marilyn Monroe’s bust and Audrey Hepburn’s hips. Too weird. Whittakers Fruit & Nut would be my choice of goodie =).


  22. I would go for the Simplicity 4756 pattern. I have dress patterns, but I’m up for trying some sleepwear! I don’t have any cloth right now that would work (I don’t think), but I love scouring thrift stores for big, soft, worn-in grandma nightgowns or such things that could be revamped into beautiful clothing! Every woman- young, old, single, married- should have pretty pajamas and penoir sets. They’re just lovely and make you feel luxurious to wear them, even if the rest of the world doesn’t even see!
    The chocolate options are also difficult to choose from….. but I’d have to pick the hokey pokey ‘cuz I’ve never had such a thing!


  23. What a delightful giveaway! That fabric is gorgeous.

    I would probably go with Simplicity 6276, because it looks really useful and also because it’s closest to my size (and I’m not too confident at sizing patterns up by many inches yet!) I really love that Maudella dress, but it wouldn’t suit me. I’d probably make the shift dress up in some grey wool I have around, and then make up all the different blouses in various fabrics – one plain white and the rest in bright colours or fun prints 🙂 (I’m envisioning the giveaway fabric as a late ’40s halter dress for summer…)

    Oh, and I’d go with licorice. I love it and no one else in the house does, so I wouldn’t have to hide it!


  24. I would go for Simplicity 4756. I am use to sewing pillows and other little items, but I would like to attempt to make clothes. I am not a candy fan, but I know my daughter is a milk chocolate fan.


  25. Claire Payne says

    facebook.comfacebook.comHow exciting. I chose Simplicity 6276 for several reasons: 1) it is my size, 2) I am desperate for blouses, 3) The V-neck shift dress is far more flattering to my ‘proportions’ than the usual high necklines of shift dresses, 4) I want to dress like Mad Men’s Joan Holloway for work, 5) I have metres of silk chiffon and printed silk with which to make the blouses, 6) Using the aforementioned silks will save it from my cats when then next pounce in to my fabric stash, 7) it is such a mavellous pattern that it may even tempt me away from the 1930s when I visit Wellington for you vintage sewing weekend on 2-3 February. 8) I love milk chocolate, 9) I have shared it on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/claire.payne.7?ref=tn_tnmn) 10) Would it help if I confess to being your biggest fan too? 🙂


    • Claire Payne says

      And I apolgise for the amount of errors in this post. What can I say? I got too excited about the give away. 🙂

  26. Claire Payne says

    Forgot to mention that I would use the fabric to make a skirt to wear with the blouses in Simplicity 6276 and have fun making a pink or green blouse to pick out the colours in the floral pattern. I’m envisioning festive rosettes for the ribbon. It would layer up a treat.


  27. I like Simplicity 4756. That fabric would make a really cute bed jacket. Not sure what I would use the thread and bias tape for but you can never have enough! Such useful items Oh, and dark chocolate for me please!


  28. I would like Simplicity 4756, and I would make it up in quilted satin, or, if there was enough, the tabby weave cotton in the giveaway 🙂 , and would wear it on chilly spring nights. I would like milk chocolate.
    Thanks so much for hosting this!!!

    The Middle Sister and Singer


  29. I would love the Maudella in some sort of silk so I could wear it on the rare occasion I go out! I love the kiwi Whittaker’s. Last time I ate that was in NZ.


  30. Oh my goodness! I would love to make that fabric up in the cute pattern 5069. My daughter is 20 and about to get engaged. That style of dress would look so sweet on her for her engagement photos.


  31. Bbecca says

    I absolutely love the Maudella 5069 pattern. I would make the short sleeved version in a bright blue (possibly patterned) fabric and solid black cumberbund. I might make the skirt a little less full though. Only to make it more wearable in my life. I am also a costume designer and technician, and this dress is begging to be worn to an opening night party. Most likely, a big musical’s opening. I almost forgot, mac-nut chocolate.


  32. Myrthe says

    What a lovely giveaway :). I’d pick pattern Maudella 5069, because I love big skirts and I’d really like a dress which has sleeves. It’s getting cold over here at the moment, and I have too many dresses without sleeves which are way to cold for winter. I’d make it out of a dark green or green/red fabric, because I like the colours and it looks good on the pattern. I’d probably wear it for christmas, seems fitting ;). And If I’d get it done in time I’d wear it to a fifties fashion exhibit I’m planning to go to once I find time. And I’ll pick licorice :).


  33. Christina says

    It seems like I’m in the minority but I would choose the bed jacket pattern! Partly because it’s the closest to my size (and I could probably get away without resizing it) and partly because here in the depths of British winter with minimal heating I’m spending a lot of my free time tucked under a quilt. I could definitely use the extra warmth so I don’t have to keep wearing my jackets indoors. I would make up the bishop sleeved version in dark green satin jacquard from an unpicked kimono overcoat, if I could make the pattern pieces fit, or else the quilted version in red and cream wool. I’d wear it to eat breakfast, and to knit or blog or read in the evenings, and to do anything at all I can get away with doing sat up in bed! The slippers are just the icing on the cake. And I would pick milk chocolate to eat while wearing it.


  34. H. Monaghan says

    What a nice givaway! For me it’s a toss up between the Maudella 5069, which has such a cute shape, and the Simplicity 6276, because the shirt options are fantastic, but I think I would go with the Maudella and make it to wear to my graduation.
    I’d also go with licorice, my favorite comforting candy.


  35. I adore that Maudella pattern! I can see it in a tone-on-tone brocade, maybe just like the lovely green one on the envelope. It would be great for a classy Christmas party. Also, I love licorice!


  36. Hello! This is a very beautiful Giveaway ^^

    I would prefer Simplicity 4756, because it fits Lolita style most and It’s very hard to me to fit on the Japanese brands (I’m a little too tall for their sleeves), so I could make the sleeves fit on me hehehe.

    I would love to use them on Lolita meetings, to sleep and stay home on hotter days. ^^

    I prefer dark chocolate ^^

    Have a nice week !


  37. Such a wonderful giveaway! I would love the Simplicity 4756 pattern. I’m going to be a lawyer after I graduate and I’m always looking for ways to spice up (or vintage up) boring business style clothes. I would use the pattern to make blouses in different colours and maybe even in some nice floral prints like the fabric in this giveaway. I would use the blouses at work combined with a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt and American Duchess Astoria-shoes.
    I’d prefer the licorice.


  38. The Maudella every time- love the full structure of the skirt- I’d make this up as a dress, and then make it as a sculpture, using my super-secret sewing sculpture method…….and although I do love liquorice, I’d have to go for the chocolate just to find out what on earth hokey pokey flavour is. Yes, I could google it, but I prefer a mystery……
    Beautiful objects, lovely idea.


  39. Joie de Vivre says

    Hmm, it was a tough call, but who am I kidding, its me! So Maudella of course. I’d wear it dancing! Or you know, just out. What would I make it up in? Hmm, depends what I have in my stash that has enough fabric in it Maybe a pink cherry blossom on black cotton? Or a bright floral on white cotton? Also, hokey pokey for me. Mmm.


  40. nessie says

    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway. I would go for the Simplicity shift dress with different shirts – most practical for me at the moment being a SAHM.
    The blossom print would be great for a shirt. The tunic, I’d have to check the stash.
    Always dark choc. – Isnt it good for you?!


  41. What a great giveaway you’re having.
    1, I would chose the bedjacket pattern, I have been meaning to make myself some pajamas, and I think it’s cute that it has a pattern for slippers. I always get so cold. I would probably use some flannel for a winter version and maybe another in cotton for sprint. I’d wear it around the house in the mornings and evenings.

    2, Chocolate, in milk.


  42. As cute as the maudella is, the jacket that goes with the sheath dress is divine. I have some white linen sitting around that’s just waiting, waiting for something fabulous to be done with it complete with piping and a pretty little skirt made up from the cherry blossom print.

    Also, I’d like to know what kind of person prefers licorice to something as wonderful and amazing as chocolate? Although, I prefer milk chocolate which according to some people, makes baby jesus cry so I suppose I shouldn’t case aspersions.


  43. I love the Maudella pattern! How darling–and you’re right, it’s perfect for a Christmas dress. And I love dark chocolate…


  44. Morgan C says

    I really like the Maudella Pattern! I would make the longer sleeved version, and I have some nice blue shantung that I could make it in. I have a Christmas company party coming up and I would really stand out wearing it! Thank you for the opportunity! I like chocolate. 🙂


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