The giveaway is now CLOSED.  I’ll post the winner tomorrow

So when I did my last giveaway I promised that I would do another giveaway soon, but this one would be sewing themed.  So, just in time for the holidays, a red, white, & green sewing giveaway.

This giveaway is open to anyone in a country I can legally ship it to.

So what’s up for grabs?  This:

That is 1.9m of tabby weave cotton with a delicious Japanese inspired print of cherry blossoms and irises in pink, red, jade green, and black on white; bias hemming tape (you know how I love that stuff) in jade green and red; piping in red and green; bias ribbon in red and white check; thread in pale yellow, white, and two shades of green; plus a measuring tape (because you can never have too many of those).

Plus, pick your favourite of these four patterns:

They are:

Simplicity 6276: a great early ’60s pattern with a cute shift dress, but the real prize is all the shirt variants.  Size 38″ bust

Simplicity 3308: early ’60s sheath dress with adorable bow details.  Size 35″ bust

Simplicity 4756: 1940s bed jacket and slipper pattern.  Size 34″ bust.

Maudella 5069: 1961 dress with a cumberbund waistband and a bell skirt.  (I’m hoping someone picks this just because it goes so perfectly with the colour scheme)  Size 36″ bust

Plus, I’ll throw in a bag of licorice or a bar of Whittakers chocolate (milk, dark, mac-nut, fruit & nut, kiwifruit, orange, or hokey-pokey)

To enter:

Leave a comment telling me:

1) Which pattern you would like, what you would make it up in and when you would wear it, and

2) if you would prefer chocolate or licorice, and if chocolate, what flavour you would prefer


For extra chances to win, blog, twitter, facebook or pinterest the giveaway, and come back and leave a link under your comment.  You’ll get one extra chance per source.

The giveaway closes a week from today —  next week Friday at 12 noon NZ time  (so that’s Thur in the rest of the world).  I’ll pick the winner via a random number generator.  Good luck!


  1. Hi!
    1. I would love the Maudella dress, it’s my sort of style! I’d make in a mostly blue plaid and wear it to work pretty much every day.

    2. Liquorice all the way! It’s not that I don’t like chocolate but there just isn’t enough liquorice around. One of my favourite restaurants in Italy serves homemade lemon ice cream with hot liquorice sauce, and liquorice semifreddo with mint foam. To die for!


  2. facebook.comfacebook.comHi! I was so excited when I saw you were doing another giveaway, I missed the last one.
    1. I would choose the Maudella 5069, partly because it would be the best for my figure (being rather busty!) and because it reminds me of a project that I undertook during my foundation year of college. It was based on the idea of the fifties housewife. For some reason (the origin escapes me now) I designed a print based on an abstract patch of a monopoly board mixed with large patches of white. It was meant to look like a housewife who had spilt a load of flour all over her dress whilst baking. So I would make the pattern with this print (I would probably need to hand print it) and then I would wear it to bake cakes and serve them at a picnic wearing it!
    2. I like dark chocolate
    Fingers crossed! PS I shared on my Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kcutlan?ref=tn_tnmn)

    58, 59

  3. The Bed Jacket – of course!! The white print quilted illustration on the patten envelope is just waiting for the chinese print fabric!! Albeit I would line it in black quilted fabric and make a pair of black chinese quilted pajama pants to go with it – the red and green piping/binding for side seams and pockets and binding!! Then wear it to any Christmas or New Years Party!! (Many years ago – when I was even younger than you – I DID make a pair of chinese quilted lounging pajamas – and did wear them to a Christmas party!!) I miss the wonderful European licorice very much!! Thank you and Miss Fiss!!


  4. That Maudella dress looks fabulous. I think it would look wonderful in a crisp patterned silk with a contrasting cumberbund. Since I live in dresses, I would wear it every chance I get!

    And while I do love chocolate, licorice is my favorite holiday treat!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!


  5. Maudella pattern is sooo cute! I would make it in floral cotton and wear on those hot summer nights, just because it is so cold here right now and I can’t wait for summer. And my favourite chocolate is milk with strawberries and yogurt. Yummy!!


  6. Hi, I would love the Maudella pattern, and would make it in green fabric for my daughter – she looks gorgeous in green and it would be perfect for her swing dancing.
    Would love to try the hokey pokey chocolate!
    Many thanks


  7. It would have to be the Maudella. I suspect it needs more than 1.9 metres of fabric though, so I’d have to do something clever with the giveaway fabric (which is gorgeous) and a suitable match. Also, I could wear it with the bright pink net petticoat I’m currently making for another outfit.

    Licorice, definitely.


  8. Peg Lee says

    I’m a child of the 60’s so the Maudella pattern brings back fond memories of the dresses my mom made for us….I remember going to sleep with the sound of her Singer in the background…we had huge petticoats to wear under them… I would make a dress for my daughter… she looks very much like I did at the same age. Plus she’s very much into vintage style….The fabric is delicious…as is dark chocolate!!!


  9. Mary Beth says

    I like Maudella 5069. I’d wear it….nowhere special. Just around. 🙂 Grocery shopping and whatnot…. I’m not sure what I’d make it up in. I don’t have enough material at home right now, so I guess I’d need to go to the fabric store, or perhaps use the material you’re giving away!

    I would definitely take the chocolate…. the mac-nut!

  10. I would choose the Maudella pattern it is so classic . I would make it up in one of my vintage fabrics ( I have a huge stash) plus others I have collected over the years!!!!! My favourite is Turkish Delight chocolate can’t get enough of it!!Im a kiwi living in the hot Sunshine Coast of qld ,I’ve just opened a wee shop in Nambour called Pink Threads and some adaptions of this style would be perfect!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas,


  11. I would like to win Simplicity Pattern 6276. I have been looking for v-neck blouse patterns and would like to make it up in a red print with a contrast collar. I would wear it out mostly in the day shopping or to visit friends. Love Dark Whittakers chocolate. Have shared with Pinterest and Facebook.

    68, 69, 70

  12. While it seems to be everyone’s favorite, I also love the Maudella pattern. I would probably make it in one of the many cotton prints in my stash (with a contrasting cummerbund of course), I think the long sleeved version would be wonderful in silk twill. Lately I’ve been loving dresses and tops with a kimono sleeve. I have that same bed jacket pattern but haven’t made it up. Maybe instead of a new robe I should make the jacket and matching silk lounge pants.

    (I love chocolate, but real licorice is even better)

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