Giving thanks for the best thing a girl could ever have

I have the loveliest friends.  I really do.

This post is my shout-out to all my amazing friends – the ones who have been there for the best of times, and the worst of times.  The ones who listen, who laugh, who show up to help with frantic last minute sewing, who model for me, who photograph me modelling, who share ideas and information.  This is for friends online, and in real life.

To all of you who read, and comment, and interact with this blog.  Thank you for making me feel connected, and for sharing information and enthusiasm.  Seeing what you have said overnight makes getting up that much more exciting.  I’ve learnt so much from you, and you’ve been so generous with your time, support, and sometimes even sewing things you thought I’d find useful (my roses are just starting to bloom Elise, I can’t wait to fill the silver flower holder!).  I’d love to meet every one of you in person!

To my sewing friends – Mrs C, Madame O, Joie de Vivre, Sarah, Shell, Emily, Elisabeth – you do so much more than sew, and thank you for every single one of those things.  Thank you especially for all the times when you have sat on my couch (or your couch, or in Made on Marion) drinking endless cups of tea as you helped me sew on endless hooks and eyes and desperately finish things for a talk.  I’ve been looking at pictures of my Fruitbat bustle, and realising that really, I barely made that bustle – one of you cut those pleats (I think it was Joy), one of you hemmed them (I think it was Emily), another friend pinned the pleats on to the bustle, and yet another person sewed them down.  I lost track, but I haven’t forgotten how much I appreciated it!

To my models, you beautiful women (and the occasional man) – the glorious Blonde Venus, Julia of the Perfect Victorian Figure, darling Jane, elegant Tanja, marvelous Maz, tiny, beautiful Megan, the fabulous Racheal and Rachels, glamourous Claire, Julie the demure rocker, Brittany and Manita, glowing in yellow, always a gentleman Daniil, pretty much every one of my sewing friends above, many more gorgeous women I haven’t mentioned, and the new models who are going to start their modelling career on Sunday.  You are all so lovely, and have been such a joy.  Thank you for looking wonderful in my things, and for being wonderful in the dressing room and onstage!

To students at sewing classes and at uni – I learn as much from you as you do from me.  Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm, and for when you become friends, not just students.  I love it when I see a name on the class register (Claire!) and know it’s going to be a wonderful class, and I love seeing new names on a register, and knowing I’ll be meeting new amazing people.

To my photographer friends, another shout-out to Sarah and Shell and Madame O, and also to Theresa, model and photographer incomparable (please say we’ll do another photoshoot in Feb!).  Thank you for making me feel beautiful, and for all the photoshoot fun.

And finally, this is my thank you to Chiara, who has been all of the above, and more.  You’re everything I want to be, every day.  You’re the best model I could ever have.  Thank you.

If I missed you, I apologise – there are so many of you who have made my life amazing.  Thank you.


  1. Miss Joie de Vivre says

    I’ve been thinking along much the same lines lately, about this fantastic group of women, and writing a post about you all as we speak. It’s a privilege and a delight to know you Leimomi, and to be in awe of all that you make and do. Thanks for your friendship xc

  2. I’m really just one of your readers, but it is funny to find links in real life that mean that I will quite likely meet you in person one day – I think I’ve already sold you a skirt on Trade Me in the distant past. You deserve all that goodness around you because you nourish it.

  3. Two namechecks! I’m flattered :).

    Thank you for showing me what’s possible – I don’t think I would have attempted making corsets without seeing you working on yours first, and many, many other things.

  4. Elise says

    I wish sometimes that we could ‘like’ something as on facebook.

    Truth be told: It was you who brought healing to me by letting you mail things that gave me bad memories when you could bring them new life.

    (And I will always remember the Body Post as a good lesson from all of the lovely and more intelligent readers!)

  5. And being able to read and view your blog, and seeing the fascinating new stuff you’ve made and written about on a regular basis, is wonderful too! Thank you so much.

  6. Lynne says

    Thank you, Leimomi, for being the dear woman you are, and for bringing this great group of people together on the net!

  7. karenb says

    Leimomi , Once I found your site a whole new world opened up to me and I love checking “the dreamstess” everyday to see who has written in and reading all the comments. I have learnt so much already and even found my way to the Met Museum online which has opened up more wonderful viewing. Sewing has become so much more than buying a pattern and fabric at the local spotlight shop.
    So thank you so much for producing such a wonderful site…and please don’t stop!

  8. I’m so thankful that I somehow randomly came across the Pride & Prejudice and Zombies Ball on Facebook and convinced some friends to check out this whole Wellington Historical Costume Society thing. It’s wonderful having you in my life!

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