HSF Challenge 2: UFO – three ways to interpret it

The first proper Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge is done – some amazing things were created, it’s so exciting!  Mine is done but not quite photographed, so I’ll do that tomorrow and post about it Wednesday after the Rate the Dress.

And then it’s time to work on the next one…

The next challenge is UFO – Un-Finished Object.  Use this opportunity to finish off something that’s never quite gotten done, or stalled halfway through.

I’m finishing the Luna Moth frock:

I’m finishing my Luna Moth frock

I thought this would be super easy, because I have so, so many UFOs to tackle.  I assumed everyone else would have the same problem.  I didn’t count on two things.

  1. To my absolute delight, there are a lot of seamstresses doing the HSF as their first introduction to historical sewing, so they don’t have any historical UFOs, and;
  2. Some of you are ridiculously organised and have no UFOs.  I am so envious!

If you fall into one of these two categories, fear not, I have a solution.  There are three ways to interpret this challenge so that everyone can participate.

  1. First, the obvious way is if you have an outstanding UFO (or 6, or 26) pick one of them and finish it.  I’m finishing my Luna Moth frock for three reasons – 1) it’s the closest to being done, 2) it’s the UFO that I get the most requests to finish, and 3) all my other UFO’s would be perfect for other challenges.
  2. If you don’t have an outstanding UFO, what about a UFI?  Un-Finished Idea.  Do you have a project you have always wanted to tackle, something you have always wanted to create, or an accessory an outfit has always needed an accessory?
  3. Finally, as a last resort, if neither of the previous two applies, create a UFO.  Really  (I know, I feel like I’m encouraging an addiction).  Not a long term UFO, but a chance to look ahead at the other challenges, and pick one that you really want to do something spectacular for but couldn’t get done in a 2 week period.  Use this challenge to get a start on your project and then finish it for that challenge.  If you do pick this option, try to get a set amount done – the bodice, or the main construction with finishing and trimming to be done later.

Obviously if you do have any actual UFO’s I really, really recommend you go that path and get something off the pile!

I can’t wait to see what you do!


  1. Yes, I think I’m going to use it to work on my stays as well… given my track record, I think I’m going to need that extra time!

  2. I love this challenge is the perfect opportunity to end more than a garment that was forgotten in a drawer. I’ll try to finish my 1912 corset 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so amazed that you have been making this dress! “A Girl of the Limberlost” happens to be one of my all time favourite books, especially when I was in my early teens. I loved, loved, love that book. I can’t wait to see this finished!

    • In the book she debates between a Yellow Imperialis moth and a Luna Moth, and goes with the Imperialis because she wants to be an empress. I just made the alternative 🙂

  4. Demented Seamstress says

    This is a great challenge, since so many of us have a huge pile of unfinished projects.

    I’ll be finishing my 1780’s/ 90’s fichu. A gigantic gauzy triangle that just needs two more edges finished.

  5. All my UFO’s are non-historical (the closest I believe is a 1950’s Claire McCardell bubble-bottomed swimsuit!) so I think I might get a head start on my Regency stays for the underpinnings challenge.

  6. First, I can’t wait to see your finished dress. That is a beautiful color combination, and early 20th c. evening gowns are some of my favorite garments. I completely understand why that one is the most requested garment for you to finish.

    Second, you read my mind! I had this list of fall 2012 projects that I wanted to complete, but only finished one and am working on the second one right now. One of those planned projects hasn’t been started, but stayed in ‘idea’ mode because I wasn’t completely sold on how I wanted to use the fabric. It’s a blackwatch plaid wool crepe. I knew I wanted 1930s, but had been planning on a skirt. I really didn’t like the skirt idea and so the project went into the UFI pile just because I never started on it.

    I recently found the perfect 1930s dress pattern that I think will really showcase the plaid, which is the project I’m planning on doing. I’m very excited about it too!!

  7. I have many UFOs, but the quickest to finish is my Eowyn’s Green Gown, and therefore it is not an historical project. Would it still count? It is inspired by 12th c. fashion!

  8. I think your gown is absolutely scrumptious!!
    And, I am so impressed with what a creative group this is!
    I only started with one UFO – the padding for my Edwardian corset. Since that was so easy I am trying to increase a 1903 blouse pattern 3 sizes, something I’ve never done. Wish me luck.

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