• Thank you! I had no idea what those things were called, but I saw two different shows last week where people pulled these things and then put silly paper crowns on their heads. (I’m American…I guess that explains that….seems like fun, though!)

    • Hehe. Thank you! My mother somehow grew up in the American South having Christmas Crackers, and I was familiar with them from her reminiscing. You can order them from posh mail order catalogues like Pottery Barn, but they won’t send to Hawaii because the small amount of explosives can’t go airmail, so I’d never actually seen one before NZ. Unfortunately it also means that I can’t send them home to my parents, or take them home in my luggage either!

    • Elise says

      Really? They had them in the south? Cool!

      Susie, you should dooooooo it! So much fun. My family does it after dinner and before dessert–basically, after the wine makes the jokes funnier.

  1. Lyndle says

    (#Elise, Wow, who is it that doesn’t have Christmas crackers? Is that Americans? )
    Happy holidays to you too, enjoy the sunshine and festivities and take a nice break from work. Happy New Year!

    • Elise says

      I had never seen them as a kid in America until I moved to Canada. About five years after moving back to the states, they started showing up, like Leimomi said, in the posher of stores. Not that we Americans know what to do with them! (crack them ourselves or with a buddy?)

  2. Lynne says

    I haven’t had them for years! I rather miss the cheesy joke and the flimsy paper hat, and the mysterious plastic toy!

    May all your squeakers unroll and squeak! And have a feather.

  3. Beatrix says

    Merry Xmas from high in the Himalayas!
    Happy New Year in advance in case we run out of electricity for a month again like last year!

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