These are the pants that never end

I am very pleased to report that, after sharing my sewing plans  for my Art Deco Weekend wardrobe, I also managed to finish it all!  Not exactly in the form I’d originally planned, but in just as awesome, and just as elaborate a form.

I’ll be doing a full weekend wrap-up post later this week, and sharing about the my sewing bits in individual posts.  To start the series off, here are my beach pyjama pants that never end:

Beach pyjama trousers thedreamstress.com3

And, by never end, I mean that everything about them, from the hem width, to the crotch length, just goes on and on my friend:

Beach pyjama trousers thedreamstress.com3

(and, I’m sorry, I know, that’s stuck in your head now, and it’s very evil of me.  However, I’ve had the stupid Charleston song that they always play at Art Deco Weekend stuck in my head for 5 hours now, and I’m at the point where the song that never ends is a preferable alternative!)

Beach pyjama trousers thedreamstress.com2

The pants are made from an altered version of the Wearing History Chic Ahoy trousers.  The Chic Ahoy trousers (being period accurate) have a front flap that buttons over a hooked or laced front opening.  Because ADW is a bit frantic, I though that might be a bit of a hassle to climb in and out of for the loo, so I changed it to pockets and a side zip.  I wanted the trousers to look more like earlier ’30s pants, so I lengthened them and changed a few other small fit details to rewind the look from the patterns ca. 1937 to my desired ca. 1930.  And I subbed out the facings for a petersham waistband, because petersham waistbands are awesome.  In retrospect, I wish I’d done a more period side-buttoning opening, but other than that I’m extremely pleased with the trousers.

To model them, Kirsten of Fifty-Two Fancies, who also made a set of beach pyjamas,  and I had a beach pyjama party (on the beach, of course!)

Beach pyjama trousers thedreamstress.com1

We got photography help from the wonderful Daniil, who you may recognise as my favourite male model (and, who, it turns out, is a car and plane wiz, so while I walked around saying, “Oooh, plane!” and “Oooh, green car” he walked around saying “DC10” and “1932 Dodge, you can tell because of the grill shape”, so I learned a lot about something I knew practically nothing about, which is awesome)

Here I am learning about DC10s:

Beach pyjama trousers thedreamstress.com2

The trousers  were extremely comfortable to wear, super fun to dance in (all the swish of a skirt, all the convenience of trousers!), and I got tons of compliments on them, which is always a good sign.    Best of all, I could do things in them, like climb trees:

Beach pyjama trousers thedreamstress.com5

Not everyone was so pleased with my trousers.  I think some of the ladies were a bit scandalised by the uninhibited freedom that the bifurcated look afforded me:

Beach pyjama trousers


The Challenge: #2 Blue

Fabric:  2.7m of vintage linen (found at Fabric-a-Brac Palmerston North, from a pair of  fabulous sisters who were selling off their designer mother’s stash of fabric from the 60s-80s)

Pattern:  Wearing History’s Chic Ahoy culotte pants pattern

Year:  ca. 1932

Notions:  petersham ribbon, bias hem tape, cotton thread, and a concealed zip (shhhhh!)

How historically accurate is it?:  If  I’d only gone for a side button entry, instead of an invisible zip.  I am REALLY regretting that now!  Other than that, it’s a very good match for the looks  you see in early ’30s pyjama pants – cut, pockets, etc are spot on.  Oh, I guess the petersham ribbon is cheating too.  70%

Hours to complete:  5, more or less.

First worn:  Saturday 21 Feb, at Napier’s Art Deco Weekend

Total cost:  $7 ($5 for the fabric!  What a score!)


  1. EEeeee! Those look as amazingly comfy as hakama! Nice fit around the hips and convenience of pants, all the flare and freedom of a loose skirt. Perfection!

  2. fab-u-lous – i am fixated on beach pyjamas lately and was wondering how wide the legs can go…………. and now i know. I adore your top also – really great look (i made your deco echo top last year and i am still getting complimented on it so thanks again for the share there)

  3. Love that last shot (and the one of the inimitable Daniil. Just quoted your bit about planes/cars to Jez).

  4. Ooo! My first thought was to try to make a pair myself. My second thought was just to lie in wait and mug you for yours. My third thought was that we probably aren’t exactly the same size and shape, so my criminal debut will have to be postponed.
    More seriously, those are fantastic trousers.
    And now to go and get this blasted song out of my head!

  5. Molly the Milliner says

    museumtextiles.commuseumtextiles.comRayon was originally referred to as “viscose”, I have some specimens of ribbon from 1910-1915 that have at least part rayon. My favorite is petersham in cotton/rayon, it is yummy! I am in love with that outfit. The halter top is too cute! I have an enormous skirt I purchased at a thrift store specifically for scrapping, and I think this halter and a matching hair band is in order!

    This is a great fabric reference site

  6. just love the last photo; your grin just about says it all! Those beach trousers are simply fabulous ~ not something I’ve ever thought of making for myself, but they look super on you! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  7. I want a pair!!!

    And I HATE pants. They are my NEMESIS. I NEVER wear pants anymore.

    But I WANT these SO BAD.

    (ha, enough caps, there? lol)

  8. Those are fantastic! I love the look, but I doubt I could look as elegant in it at my height! Still, might be worth a shot this summer…

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