A little light sewing (with cat)

Felicity the cat and cushions thedreamstress.com

You can always tell when I’m in the mad finishing stages of a garment or a pattern: my blogging dwindles away to practically nothing.

Sadly (for me) I’m not working on some fabulous frock: the only thing of note I’ve made since returning from Costume College is a wedding dress for a friend, and of course I can’t reveal it until the bride agrees!

Happily (for you), I am hard at work on a pattern.

I have managed a little light sewing.  Here are two cushion covers I made as teaching samples along  with a class:

Felicity the cat and cushions thedreamstress.com

The zig-zag one is an envelope cushion, and the birds cushion is made using the same techniques as this tutorial.

Students learn how to do appliques, piping, invisible zips, and buttonholes, all in one class.  It’s pretty awesome.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com

Because the cushions aren’t that exciting on their own, I roused Felicity from a nap to come make her pose with them.  She was somewhat less than delighted by this, but was easily mollified when I included ‘throwing her toy for her to chase’ as part of the posing.

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com


Eventually she got bored of the toy game, and took a bath, enabling me to catch her very best ‘Oh my!  I didn’t realise you had a camera!’ look:

Felicity the cat thedreamstress.com




  1. Deanna says

    Pretty, pretty, kitty. She looks as if she’s about to go back to her nap in the third photo. 🙂

  2. Claire Payne says

    Felicity of the Magnificent Whiskers is always a joy to see.

  3. Everything is better with Cat! Except maybe stuff involving little rodents and birdies. 😀
    But I like the swallows, too.

  4. GAH I just want to snuggle her forever and ever and ever. Given her colouring I don’t think she’d tolerate that for too long, but I would still try.

  5. The cushion covers are cute, and so is Felicity! Is she named after anyone in particular? The only other Felicity I can think of is Miss Lemon from Poirot.

  6. What cute pillows! I should do some to renew my sew-jo. And I always love your photos of Felicity- she’s such a cute furball. WHISKERS.

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