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Where to get lingerie elastic for the Wonder Unders

The Scroop Patterns Wonder Unders

One of the comments my testers had for the Scroop Wonder Unders pattern is that a guide to where to buy the elastics I recommend would be helpful.  So here ’tis!

Scroop Wonder Unders

Obviously I recommend starting with your local fabric and craft store (if you don’t support them, they aren’t going to continue to exist!), but if you don’t have a small, locally owned store to shop at, it’s very easy to get suitable elastic online.

Here is a short list of companies that sell picot, pre-folded and foldable elastic.  They are sorted by location, and then alphabetically.  I am not affiliated with any of them except Made Marion Craft, nor have I tested their services.

Australia & NZ:

Booby Traps  (NSW Australia)
Everything you need!  Picot elastics!  Fold-over elastics!  Tricot!  Fabrics!

Nellie-Joan’s Lingerie Findings  (NZ)  
A nice selection of picot elastic, and a small selection of fold-over elastic.  Payment by direct deposit only.

Made Marion Craft (Wellington, NZ)
A great selection of fold-over elastics are available in store, as well as picot elastics in the basic colours.  They will ship by  inquiry, and should have elastic in their etsy store soon.

SewSquirrel (Australia)
Occasionally carries suitable elastics.

The Remnant Warehouse (Sydney, Australia)
A small selection of fold-over elastic, and a slightly wider range of different types of picot elastics.

North America:

Bra-makers Supply  (Ontario, Canada)
A huge variety of different types of fold-over elastic, plus a nice selection of picot elastics – pay attention to the descriptions of firmness with those.

FabricBistro  (South Carolina, USA) Etsy.
Both  foldover and picot elastic.

Fabric Depot Co.  (Texas, US)
Not the easiest place to use, as their website and catalogue are a bit old fashioned, but they do have a good range of picot and foldover elastics (see ‘Elastics’ under their catalogue – currently pages 48-50), including the fancy metallic stuff I used to make my ‘Hedgehog Girl’ superhero wonder-unders.  Plus, they sell nylon tricot – perfect for making the slip version of the Wonder Unders

Flora’s Garden  (California, US) Etsy
Picot elastic, piping elastic (which can be used instead of picot), and some fold-over elastic.  

Home Sew (Pennsylvania, US)  
A nice selection of basic fold over and picot elastic, in various widths.

Porcelynne  (California, US)  Etsy
Tons of picot and foldover elastics in an amazing range of colours and patterns.

Sew Sassy Fabrics (Alabama, US)
Fold-over elastic  in a huge range of colours and patterns (including zebra and candy stripe!), plus a whole bunch of different kinds of picot & scalloped edged lingerie elastics.

Sweet Cups Bra-Maker Supplies (California, US)
A small selection of picot and fold-over elastics (click on ‘Choose Options’ to see more colours of each kind).

UK & Europe:

B.Wear  (Sweden)
A small selection of suitable elastics.

Crafty Koala ( UK) Etsy
Fold-over elastic in 70 colours.

English Couture Company  (UK)
Carries both picot and fold-over elastic.

La Lopez (Netherlands)
I think you can get the right kind of elastic through their site, but am struggling with the translations.  In Dutch.

Lijfgoed (Netherlands)
Carries a range of lingerie elastic, many picot types.  In Dutch.

LingerieMakingShop (UK)
Cute lace-edged lingerie elastic

Sewing Chest  (UK)
A great selection of fold-over elastic, and a reasonable selection of picot and scallop edged lingerie elastic.

SewWardrobe (UK) Etsy
A small selection of nice picot elastic.

Sewy  (Germany)
Lots and lots of great elastic (under  Zutaten und Kurzwarenpakete).  In German.

StudioCostura (Spain) Etsy
Mostly aimed at bra-making, but a small selection of suitable picot elastics.

Vena Cava Design  (UK)
Carries a  very small selection of fold-over elastic and ruffled lingerie elastic (which also works well for knickers, though some people find  ruffles irritate their skin.)  I’m including them because many of you in the UK may already use them for corset supplies, so it’s easy to add on your elastic order as well.


There are hundreds of other shops on Etsy that sell picot elastic and fold-over elastic (FOE).  With the latter, be wary of the stuff with metallic patterning, especially if the patterning is on both sides of the fold, as some  people find it itchy.

This list was accurate as of 12/16.  If you find a non-working link, leave a comment and I’ll update.

Know of any other sites or stores you’d recommend?  Leave a comment, I’ll check them out, and add them to the list if they are suitable!

The Scroop Patterns Wonder Unders


  1. I believe blackbird fabrics has lingerie supplies and is based out of Vancouver, Canada. Thanks for the list.

    • Sadly, they only have bra-making supplies. None of the elastics are ideal for the Wonder Unders. You can use the fuzzy backed bra elastic, but it is much firmer than the pattern is designed for, so might be a bit snug. 🙁 Thanks for the suggestion though!

  2. I did discover JoAnn Fabrics has a foldover elastic, but they only have white and it’s sold in pre-packaged lengths.

    I can’t wait to try some of your suggested places, your Wonder Under pattern really is one of my new favorites because of how easily it goes together.

    • I love 3/4″ fold over elastic for the waistband of knickers, but personally find it a bit wide, and thus stiff, for the legs. However, that’s a personal preference, so it’s definitely worth a try! It would certainly work well for the singlet camisole and slip.

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