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Introducing the Scroop Wonder Unders!

Scroop Wonder Unders

Yay!  It’s here!  It’s done!

I’m extremely pleased to announce the latest Scroop Pattern: the Wonder Unders:

Scroop Wonder Unders

Making my own undergarments is a little thing, but it’s something that makes me happy every day, as I get to put on a slip, singlet camisole, or knickers that fit me exactly, are made out of fabric that I love, and that work  perfectly under my other clothes.  Undergarments aren’t as exciting as fancy frocks, but they are every bit as satisfying over time.

Scroop Wonder Unders

Just like the Miramar Top, Dress & Tunic pattern, the Wonder Unders feature easy, anyone-can-do-it knit sewing.  They do require a sewing machine that does a zig-zag stitch, but nothing fancier than that!

The Wonder Unders pattern features classic three-piece Knickers with  full bottom-coverage and sit  approximately 10cm / 4” below the navel.

Scroop Wonder Unders

The Singlet Camisole and Dress Slip feature scoop necks and straight backs.

Scroop Wonder Unders

The Singlet Camisole fits snugly through the bust, and loosens slightly over the waist and hips, finishing at mid hip.

Scroop Wonder Unders

The Dress Slip has a slightly A-line skirt with two length options: mid thigh (blue), or just above  the knee (pink).

Scroop Wonder Unders

And there’s more!  The Wonder Unders Singlet Camisole & Slip are designed to sit perfectly under the Miramar Dress, Top & Tunic, for a bit of neckline filler, and under the Henrietta Maria Dress & Top, if it is made  in sheer fabrics.

Scroop Wonder Unders

All three items can be finished with pre-folded or foldable lingerie elastic, or picot lingerie elastic.

Scroop Wonder Unders

Think you can’t get either of those?  Don’t worry, my next post is going to feature sources for both,  no matter where you are in the world!

Scroop Wonder Unders

The  sample pieces shown are:

  •  Singlet Camisole & Knickers in 100% cotton grey jersey knit, with red pre-folded lingerie elastic.
  • Singlet Camisole & Knickers in 100% cotton Karen Walker lightweight orange whales on white jersey knit, with red picot lingerie elastic
  • Dress Slip (long version) in blush pink 100% modal knit, with foldable lingerie elastic
  • Dress Slip (short version) in blue & white spot printed 100% viscose knit, with pre-folded lingerie elastic.
  • Knickers in blue floral lightweight 100% cotton jersey knit, with foldable lingerie elastic.

Scroop Wonder Unders

Feeling inspired to  have a little bit of me-made goodness in your wardrobe every single day of the year?

Get your pattern here!  


  1. It is so nice to find a pattern for undies that actually cover things, rather than being designed to ride up and expose! I look forward to making these!

  2. I think I just might have to get this pattern some time. (I just splurged on buying some silk so……) There is definitely something to be said about garments that fit you perfectly, and I have a desire to try sewing every type of garment, (well except maybe jeans, but I would probably try those just so I can get a perfect fit). 🙂


  3. Deanna says

    Hooray for new patterns! Glad there is a slip included. They are difficult to find ready-made in the shops. Also, Wonder Unders is the best name. 🙂

    • Elise says

      Right! Nice slips really are difficult, and so useful for letting your clothing hang just right. If only if only I had the fabric and time…

      Hooray on another Scroop release!

  4. Alas! my sewing machine only does straight-stitch, otherwise I’d be all over these. (Or, more correctly, they’d be all over me.) I suppose hand-sewing wouldn’t be a sufficiently durable stand-in for machine zig-zag. Sigh…
    They look great, though – congrats!

  5. In my opinion, it’s not possible to have too much underwear. Especially knickers. 🙂

    I need to get my room sorted enough that I can pull out my sewing machine again. We expect an improvement in finances in the new year. Maybe then I can buy a few Scroop patterns.

  6. Char Asq says

    Put a shelf braw-let under that camisole and it’s perfect!

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