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Tutorial: How to make a skirt slip from the Scroop Wonder Unders Dress Slip (the super-easy way)

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

The Scroop Wonder Unders Knickers, Singlet Camisole & Slip pattern doesn’t come with a skirt slip piece, but it’s super easy to make a skirt slip from the pattern.

Scroop Wonder Unders

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Here’s the quick under-1-hour  way to make a skirt slip from the pattern.  Next week I’ll show you the fancy 2-hour lace edged, side slit version.

Fabric & Pattern Size

You’ll want to use the same type of fabric you use for the Scroop Singlet Camisole or Dress Slip.  If you want to wear your skirt slip as an under-layer, you’ll need to pick a slippery, non-static stretch fabric, such as a lingerie tricot knit, or a stretch satin.

Start with the Scroop Wonder Unders Singlet Camisole & Dress Slip pattern pieces:

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

If you’re using a fabric with the same stretch as called for in the rest of the Scroop Wonder Unders pattern (30%-50% stretch in one directions (two-way stretch), or 25%-45% stretch in both directions (four-way stretch)) you can use the pattern in exactly the same size as you’d use it for the dress slip.

If you’re using a low-stretch (under 25%) knit, such as a tricot, you’ll need to go up a size or two (depending on how slim fitting you want your pattern to be over the hips) in the pattern, or you’re going to end up with a VERY snug slip.

I’m making this one for a friend who is smaller than me, so I’m sticking with a size 38.


Use the waistline marked on the pattern piece if you want your pattern to sit at the natural waist, or measure down 2″/5cm, if you want a pattern that sits a little lower on the hips.

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Measure down from your chosen waistline 1.5cm/5/8″ in the centre of each pattern piece, and draw a curved line out to meet the waistline at the the outside edge of the pattern.


Shorten the skirt slip as needed.

It measures just over 27″ from waist to hem, and that’s a lot longer than the dress my friend wants to wear it under.

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

So I’m measuring up 4″/10cm from the marked hem, and drawing a new hemline.

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial


Fold down the top of your pattern pieces, and up the bottom of the hem:

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

And cut your fabric!


Sew up both side seams.

Hem just as with the Dress Slip:

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Use the waist elastic measure given for the Knickers, or wrap a piece of elastic around your waist so it is comfortably snug to gage the  measurement.

Sew as per the waist elastic  instructions for the Knickers.

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Ta da!  You’re done!

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Don’t have a Wonder Unders Pattern?  Buy it here!  

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial


  1. Erin says

    Thank you! It is really not easy to find good slips amd I have been meaning to ger a few of your patterns for a long time! Thanks for being such helpful and positive presence!

  2. Ann Seabolt says

    We call this a half-slip here in the United States. It’s nice to know some ladies still wear proper undergarments, I get so tired of seeing bras sticking out from under scanty tops. I just want to tell them either wear appropriate undergarments or don’t wear those kind of tops. I guess that’s just a sign of old age, I was brought up in a time when you wore bras that worked with your garment so as not to show what shouldn’t be shown. You also wore a slip under thin dresses and skirts.

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