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Introducing the Scroop Patterns Otari Hoodie!

Meet the newest Scroop Pattern: the Otari Hoodie:

The Otari Hoodie by Scroop Patterns

The Otari Hoodie is a classic front-zipped hoodie with a relaxed but feminine fit and polished finishing details.  It’s cut to be casual and comfortable without being saggy or frumpy.

With mix and match the pocket and hood views, and the option to use contrasting fabrics for linings and bands, the design possibilities for the Otari are practically limitless.  View A features a three-panel curved hood and classic banded pockets. View B features a pointed pixie hood and Art Deco inspired cloud pockets.

Both views end at mid hip and have shoulder seams that sit just off the shoulders, cuff and hem bands, covered front zip and hood joins, and fully-finished and lined hoods and pockets.

The Otari Hoodie comes in the full Scroop Patterns size range – from bust 30″ to bust 52″

The Otari Hoodie by Scroop Patterns

The Otari Hoodie by Scroop Patterns

The Otari Hoodie started its design journey late last September.  Mr D & I went for a walk along the coast on a brisk spring day, and I wanted something fun and casual but warm to wear.  Something lighter than a jacket, but heavier than a cardigan, with pockets big enough to hold my phone.  I’ve never been a hoodie girl, because the ones in shops just aren’t that inspiring in terms of fabrics and cuts.  But Mr D had hoodies…

So I stole one of his hoodies for the walk.  And I loved it, but it really didn’t fit me properly (men’s clothes + my hips = nope).  So I started making my own hoodie pattern.

My sewing students have been asking for a zip-fronted hoodie for years, but I hadn’t been able to find a pattern that came in the full size range needed for teaching (telling a student that a pattern doesn’t come in their size is the worst feeling in the world), that allowed me to teach the finishing details I like in a garment, and that fit a wide range of women’s bodies reasonably well.

The Otari Hoodie by Scroop Patterns

The Otari represents everything I want in a hoodie.  It’s got classic options & fun options.   It’s got lots and lots of possibilities for playing with design details.  It’s beautifully finished, with fully lined pockets (fully, fully lined – no annoying raw edges along the top and bottom of the inside pockets).  And the pockets are BIG – with plenty of space to securely hold a phone!

And I really hope you’re going to love it!

Buy your Otari Hoodie Pattern here!

But wait, there’s more!

Since April 1st is Felicity’s birthday, AND the second anniversary of Scroop Patterns launching, I’m celebrating with a sale.  All Scroop Patterns are now 20% off until Midnight the 3rd of April, NZ Time.

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The Otari Hoodie by Scroop Patterns

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  1. Lynne says

    They are beautiful! A great success, and I’m sure will be loved by many. So good to see them in a full range of sizes. Don’t hoodies look good made in carefully chosen and interesting fabric as opposed to the dull and dreary stuffs the commercial ones are usually made out of? I can imagine lovely things being done with this pattern.

    Happy anniversary, Scroop! And happy birthday, Felicity!

  2. Hooray!!! Congrats on the launch and the 2nd Scroop-iversary, and happy birthday to Felicity as well. =) Your samples are lovely–I am fully obsessed with that striped fabric! (Where did you find it?!?)

    Thank you for making my first-ever testing experience so pleasant and fun! I love my Otari and can’t wait to (finally!) share it on social media. It’s going to be an integral part of my outdoor wardrobe this spring and summer!

    • Thank you, and thank you even more for being a tester! Your comments were so helpful!

      The stripe fabric was actually an incredibly lucky find – $10 for 8 meters at an op shop! I didn’t like it at first, and bought it thinking I’d use it for all my toiles while I tested techniques, but ended up falling in love with it. I’m almost out, but I’ve got enough left for one for me!

  3. nanny norfolk says

    If I could sew properly I would have one, but I never do a good job. My talents are elsewhere. So really good luck with this pattern it’s so practical & comfy.

  4. What a great hoodie! It looks excellent in stripes. And it has decent sized pockets, even. That’s what I call good design.

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