Building Your Own 1910s & WWI Wardrobe: Blouses, Skirts & Suits

The Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Continuing on my series on making your own 1910s & WWI era wardrobe (with a focus on 1914-19), here are patterns for making your classic separates: blouses, skirts & suits.

The patterns I’ve included here are from pattern companies I’ve made items from, or have helped students or friends make items from, and can recommend on that basis.

I have not included pattern companies that I do not recommend, or pattern companies I have seen or tested in any way. I did not include patterns that are essentially modern blocks updated with a period aesthetic: I find that they rarely give the correct look.

Other posts in the series include:

Hope you find it helpful!

Scroop Patterns Kilbirnie Skirt


Multi Sized:  

Single Sized:  


Multi Sized:  

Single Sized:  


Multi Sized:  


  1. kate hanson says

    Just starting my functional 1910 wardrobe. Thanks so much for these wonderful resources!
    I’ve made 2 Hint of History 1910 Shawl Collar Dresses. I am thrilled with the result. They look really swell with proper foundations. Now trying blouse and skirt.

    • Thanks! I didn’t include Hint of History, because to me they are modern pattern shapes with period details applied, and I really wanted to focus on patterns that really had an accurate cut. 🙂

  2. Laurel says

    Love this blogpost. Thanks for writing it! I have been longing for the femininity and gentility of yesteryears. Will definitely be working on some sewing come this fall.

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