Building Your Own 1910s & WWI Wardrobe: Dresses, Coats & Jackets

The Designer, August 1916 thedreamstress.com

Continuing on my series on making your own 1910s & WWI era wardrobe (with a focus on 1914-19), here are patterns for making dresses, coats & jackets!

The patterns I’ve included here are from pattern companies I’ve made items from, or have helped students or friends make items from, and can recommend on that basis.

I have not included pattern companies that I do not recommend or cannot support on an ethical basis, or pattern companies I haven’t seen or tested in any way.  I also do not include patterns that are essentially modern blocks updated with a period aesthetic: I find that they rarely give the correct look.

Other posts in the series include:

Hope you find it helpful!


Coats & Jackets:  

For more on achieving an accurate mid-late-1910s look, check out my series on Body Ideals & Corsetry 1913-1921

Fashions for May 1918, The Deliniator


  1. PepperReed says

    I *so* Love this era! I’m glad to see all the resources you’ve posted, the patterns you’ve created and the series on living in that era. Just wonderful!

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    Thank’s for your job.
    I am a french collector of magazines and sewing patterns La Mode Illustree de 1860 à 1924.
    I began to scan the sewing patterns and the magazines and put on my website :
    If you could make a link towards my site it would be very nice .
    Thank’s a lot

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