Scroop Fantail Skirt Sizes 50-56 – Call for Testers! CLOSED

Update: thank you to everyone who applied – the response has been awesome, and I’ve chosen my tester group, so will not be accepting any further applications.

I’ve been working on resizing the Scroop Fantail Skirt, both in the Historical & Modern versions, into an additional three sizes, so it goes up to waists 50″/127cm and hips 60″/152cm.

I’ve checked the fit of the resized pattern on fit models (and any random friends who I could rope into trying on my test makes), but to make absolutely certain that the pattern fits as well as it possible can on a wide range of bodies, I need 3-4 testers to test the pattern.

The Pattern:

The pattern is the Scroop Fantail Skirt, just with additional sizes. Testers will receive the Combined Historical + Modern skirt pattern to test.

The Scroop Patterns Fantail Skirt, scrooppatterns.com


As the pattern has already been out for two years and pretty thoroughly tested as far as the instructions etc go, this is primarily a SIZE/FIT test. Therefore I am looking for experienced sewers who will be able to make their test version quickly and are used to analysing fit.

Testers must be between a Size 50-56 in the Scroop Patterns Size Range:

Scroop Fantail Skirt Sizing Chart

If you want to test you should have experience with invisible zips (if you want to do the Modern version) or button plackets (if you want to do the Historical version).

I am looking for at least one tester to make the Historical Version. This tester should already have an 1890s-1910s corset to wear with their Historical Fantail, as the skirt is meant to be worn over a corset, and will not fit or hang properly without one.

You will also need to:

  • be able to print patterns in A4, A0, US Letter or US full sized Copyshop paper sizes
  • have the time to sew up the item if you agree to be a tester for it
  •  be able to photograph your make being worn, and be willing for me to share your photos on this blog and instagram.
  • be able to provide clear feedback – particularly as to fit.
  • be willing to agree to a confidentially agreement regarding the pattern
  • have a blog or other format where you share and analyse your sewing

I would hugely appreciate it if you would share your finished make once the pattern launches, but this is not mandatory.  I’m asking for TESTERS, not marketers.  The requirement of a blog/other review format is to help me pick testers.   I want to be able to see how you think about sewing, and that your experience level matches up to the pattern.

As always I’m be looking for a range of testers, in terms of geographical location, body type, sewing experience, and personal style.

The Timeline:


The basic materials requirements (sans the updated lengths for the new sizes) are available on the pattern listing on ScroopPatterns.com. I will send out updated materials requirements that include the full size range when I confirm that you will be testing – hopefully by 4pm NZ time on Wed the 13th of Feb (Tue the 12th for most of the rest of the world, because NZ is a day ahead) at the latest, but this may depend on how many suitable testers apply.

I will send out a digital copy of the pattern to testers before 4pm NZ time on Fri the 15th of Feb.

Testing & Reviewing:
Testers will have until 12 noon NZ time on Tuesday the 26th of Feb (11 days, with two full weekends) to sew the skirt, provide photos, and respond to the testing questions.

What you get:

Pattern testers will get a digital copy of the final pattern, my eternal gratitude, and as much publicity as I can manage for your sewing.

Keen to be a tester for the new sizing range for the Fantail Pattern pattern? please email me with the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your waist and hip measures
  3. Your height
  4. A bit about your sewing experience
  5. Which version you’d like to make (and confirmation that you have a corset if you want to make a Historical Fantail).
  6. A link to your blog/Instagram/Flickr/Sewing Pattern Review profile/something else sewing-y presence
  7. A link to a sewing make with a review (so I can see how you think about and analyse your sewing)
  8. Do you have any other skills that would really make you an extra-super-awesome pattern tester?  

Email me to be a tester!

Hope to hear from you!


  1. Hi, In Tatiana, a fashion designer, professional seamstress and pattern maker. I’m interested in becoming a tester. I have already made a few corsets for myself.

    I able to print any pattern sizes. My waist is 39-40″ and my hip is 46-47″.

    My Instagram is @tatihousefashion and it has a few pictures of the corsets I have made. (The white one is my size)

    • Hi Tatiana,

      Thanks for your interest! I’m afraid that you’re not in the size range I need for this tester run, but the Fantail Skirt is already in your size if you want to buy and make it for yourself 🙂

  2. Stafford Belinda says

    May I ask? Is the historical Fantail always intended to be worn over an 1890s corset? and the modern Fantail not? I did a quick search of your blog, and found that when you write about wearing the modern Fantail you don’t seem to be wearing a corset. Nor should you be! Have you recommended a source for making one’s own period corset? Maybe I missed it.

    • Yes, the historical Fantail is always intended to be worn over a corset, and the modern is not. The weight of the pleats in a full length skirt in period accurate fabrics means it doesn’t sit right without a corset underneath.

      I have not recommended a corset source: there are many good companies and patterns for late Victorian and early Edwardian corsets.

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