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Meet the Mahina Cardigan!

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan

Meet the newest Scroop Pattern: the Mahina Cardigan! 

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan

A pattern based on my circular cardigan has been the most requested addition to the Scroop Pattern range, and here it is, just in time for May the Fourth!

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan
View C with unfinished heavy wool knit, with clean edges

Mahina means moon in Hawaiian, and Mahina Bay is a little cove along the coast of the Wellington Harbour, heading out to Eastbourne. The phases of the moon, the curve of a small bay, and the ripples of waves reaching shore inspired the shape of the cardigan, and all the different ways it can be worn and styled.

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan
View A in boiled wool knit with bound edges

The Mahina Cardigan combines simple geometric shapes, a unique customizable fit system, and thoughtful shaping to create a versatile draping cardigan that can be elegant enough to wear as a wrap to a wedding, or casual enough for weekend errands.

Choose from four base shapes (View A Small Circle, View B Medium Circle, Veiw C Large Circle, and View D Oval), and match them to sleeve patterns based on your bicep measurements, and shaping darts customised to your shoulder width for a fit that is based on you, rather than an arbitrary industry standard.  

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan
View D in lacey cotton knit, with lace edge finishes

With the choice of cuff bands or hemmed sleeves, and four edge finish options (raw, bound, faced or lace-edged) there are almost limitless fit and finish options.  

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan
View B in cotton boucle knit, with bias faced edging

By popular demand, I extended the size range for the cardigan, so it now fits:

Anyone with Biceps between 10 “- 18.5”  or 26cm – 48.5cm

And Shoulders between 12.5″ – 19.5″  or 32 – 49.5cm

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan
Views D & A

Get your Mahina Cardigan Pattern Here

The Scroop Patterns Mahina Cardigan
View C


  1. Robin Gorsich says

    I love the photos, especially the one at the top of the post.

    • Thank you! I’m really pleased with how this shoot went! And I picked really wonderful women to be models, so that helps.

  2. Lynne says

    I think this is such a beautiful and versatile garment! I could see it in merino as a wonderful winter bed jacket for an elderly unwell woman (me!!) as well as for everything from weddings to work-outs, for every size and age-group! Brilliant thing.

  3. Bernie Heares says

    Which ones which in the photos? I’d like to make whichever style isn’t to voluminous, more than A, perhaps D?

    • As a tester who made the D, I think that’s a good choice – it’s shorter, but the front meets / overlaps more, so it’s better than A if you really need to keep warm. 😉

    • I’ve added captions, and there are full descriptions of what View each model is wearing, and what it’s made out of, on the product page at Hope that helps!

    • Erin says

      Could view A work with a woven? I have a light/medium wool blanket fabric and as wool has some spring I am trying to figure out if I could use it… I would love your thoughts on the subject!

      • The pattern really is designed for at least 20% stretch. It might work in the cardigan bit, but would require some trial and error in the shoulders, but it definitely wouldn’t work in the sleeves. 🙁

  4. And thanks once again for including me among the testers! It was such a quick make to throw together once the pattern was taped (unfinished edges, heh) it was the perfect cure for my sewing woes of late = lots of unfinished projects that keep being unfinished. The quick success of it energised me for more sewing again!

  5. Apricots says

    Lovely pattern! I’m definitely putting this on my list for upcoming projects.

  6. My goodness, what a lovely cardigan. The associations with land and water are pleasing, and appreciate the versatility of the pattern sizing, fabrics, and wearing options!

  7. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Where is the shoulder measurement taken?

    I acquired some light stretchy knits as a ‘bonus” in a fabric order and these would be a good way to use them up.

    • From the bone at the top of your shoulder to the bone at the top of your shoulder across your back 🙂 Not from outside arm to outside arm.

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