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The Ettie Petticoat: Tester Makes!

The Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

It’s time for the best part of a pattern launch!  Tester makes!

The front page of the Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Cute story about tester makes: my parents love them.  They are always very proud when I launch a pattern, but the part they are really interested in is these tester round-up posts.  I can guarantee that my next phone call with them will include a whole discussion of what each tester used as a fabric, and what techniques they used, and how cool their photos are!  (obviously we don’t discuss anything that I wouldn’t include in a blog post or IG post – I take tester confidentiality seriously!)

But I don’t do pattern testing just for my parents joy!  Testers help me make sure a pattern is as perfect as possible.  They point out any bits that are rough or confusing.  They provide feedback on things I can’t decide: would you prefer if the pattern included did X or Y?

And, obviously, pattern testers are super helpful to you, the pattern buyer.  Testers mean you can see a pattern in a whole range of fabrics, and on a whole range of bodies.

So I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people who are willing to pattern test.  Thank you so much!

And without further ado, here they are, arranged by view.

View A:

Mary of @subterfuge.jpg

Mary’s Ettie Petticoat is classic Edwardian lingerie: all white lawn and delicate lace.

And isn’t it delicious!

Mary made a Size 46.  She’s wearing it as a modern skirt, but also plans to use it for historical wear.  The lovely thing about the adjustable waistband is that it does either!

She’s shared beautiful detail photos and some behind the scenes info on her instagram.

Crysta  of @crystasews

Crysta went well above and beyond as a tester, trying out the petticoat in organdie, and sending photos of her entire making process, as well as her lovely finished petticoat.

@crystasews Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

As you can see, the petticoat is fabulous in organdie!

@crystasews Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Plus, she photographed it under a skirt, to show the difference it makes!


@crystasews Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

So helpful!  And there’s more!  She’s got the cleverest trick for cutting insertion lace on her instagram.
She made a Size 34.

Maria of @historical_hinterlist

Maria also made her View A in white.  Here’s a little teaser peak at the beautiful placket on her Ettie Petticoat.

@historical_hinterlist Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Cait of @willoughbyandrose

Another stunning sneak preview from Cait.  That lace and insertion work!  *swoon*

Cait @WilloughbyandRose Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

It’s no surprise Cait’s lace is divine.  She sells the most beautiful ribbons and notions through her shop (though sadly not this lace).

She’ll be sharing her finished Size 44 on her IG.

Kathleen of @moremusings

Edwardian petticoats really are all about lots and lots of white cotton lawn!  Here’s another beautiful take on that from Kathleen:

@moremusings Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Keep an eye on her IG to see the final version in a Size 50.

True of @falsecp

I don’t think I really need to say anything about True’s Etti Petti! The photos are so stunning they speak for themselves ❤️

@falsecp Ettie Petticoat 5


@falsecp Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

They do a lovely job of showing the extra back fullness of View A, just right for a little bum pad for that perfect late Victorian-Edwardian silhouette

@falsecp Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

True made a Size 30 in cotton lawn.

View B

Rebecka of @tricours

Rebecka’s Ettie Petti as a modern skirt is the epitome of bohemian elegance.

@tricours Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

The linen fabric and crop top keep it casual, but the length and slim fit add a touch of sophistication.

@tricours Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

And the coloured cotton lace is the perfect finishing touch!

Rebecka made a Size 34 graded out to 36 at the hips.  Best on the tester results I recommend using a straight size for the Ettie, and going up a size if you’re between sizes.

View C

Gaëlle of @supergaelle

Gaëlle did a wonderful job testing the Selina Blouse, so I knew her Ettie would be equally fabulous, and I’m not disappointed!

@supergaelle  Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Such a fantastic take on an Ettie as modern wear!

@supergaelle  Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Look at that dust ruffle detail:

@supergaelle  Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

She made View C in Size 40.

Brittany of @acolytejezebel

Brittany made a lovely version of View C in deliciously goth-y black cotton sateen.  It gives it such a nice subtle sheen.

Her lovely sheer lace really shows off the insertion work, and the layers of the petticoat.

@Acolytejezebel Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

She included a detail shot of her beautifully finished placket.  So satisfying!

@Acolytejezebel Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Brittany made her View C in a Size 52.  She shortened the skirt two inches to suit her height.

Laura of @closeenoughdiy

The Ettie Petticoat goes up to a Scroop Size 56 (50” waist).  My ultimate goal is to expand the size range of the Scroop Patterns further, but right now the production cost upgrade is more than I can afford.

While a wider size range is currently out of reach, I’m doing what I can to make the patterns easy to hack, and to be more accessible.  So when Laura asked to test the Ettie Petticoat by using her own grading to take it up a further 2-3 sizes, I was delighted.  It means you can see it in more sizes, and I can do a future tutorial on changing the size (and doing some other fun design features).

@closeenoughdiy Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

Laura made her Ettie in linen.  I love the texture and subtle colour.  She’s going to be using this skirt for a cosplay – I can’t wait to see what it is!

View D

of Wabana Style

Xerneas’ version of the Ettie is what convinced me to make a modern version as a sample.  Her floral and lace combination is just inspired!


So wonderfully elegant and summery!


She made View C in Size 36.

Nina of @ninavirgo  

Nina, who is my absolute hero, did double duty and both tested View D of the petticoat, and modelled it.

She’s going to be wearing her gorgeous cotton voile version under her Kilbirnie Skirt.

She’s actually the person whose responsible for the Ettie, because she kept bugging me to make a petticoat pattern to go with the Fantail Skirt or the Rilla Corset, or as it turned out, both!

So thanks to Nina for the push, and thanks to all the fabulous testers for their awesome help!  You are all amazing!

Get your Ettie Petticoat here!


  1. Nina Virgo says

    Aw shucks, thank you for the credit on such a pretty pattern I blush with pride. And am running downstairs to check the fabric stash for future pattern ideas.

  2. Elise says

    Nina–you make beautiful things!

    Tester makes are also my favorite part of pattern launches. You bring a lot of creativity and joy into your work, and you gather creative and joyful people (even the gothy ones)

    Seeing the modern version of this petticoat makes me think about skirts that Micronesians wear, which are also so, so beautiful.

  3. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Lovely work!

    And I found out what “scroop”means! I thought it was a family surname, but it’s the sound that silk makes

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