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Meet the Ettie Petticoat + Skirt!

I’m so excited to introduce the newest Scroop Pattern: the Ettie Petticoat!

The front page of the Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat

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Reasons I love this pattern:

First, ruffles!  And insertion lace!  So pretty and delicate and delicious!

The Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat View A

The pattern includes detailed instructions on three different historically accurate ways to insert lace, both by hand and machine.   And detailed instructions on every other part of the construction – of course!

Did I mention machine sewing?  Yep, the whole thing can be machine sewn (while still being totally historically accurate), or you can splash out and hand-sew to your hearts content.

You can make it as a historical petticoat, or make it as a modern skirt, it’s fabulous as both.

Here’s View D as a modern skirt:

Image: a woman with curly hair wearing a yellow shirt and a floral skirt with lace.

And as a historical petticoat:

A woman wearing a white petticoat stands against a blue wall.

Not only does the pattern fit perfectly into historical and modern wardrobes, with four views that take it from 1890 to 1920 it’s the ultimate late-Victorian-Edwardian petticoat package.

The additional historical information in the pattern covers the extant petticoats and original patterns that each view is based on, and discusses how petticoat shapes and construction changed over that 30 year period.

Other reasons to love it?

It’s comfy.  Views A & B have drawstring waists, and Views C & D have elastic, so it’s really adjustable and adaptable.

The Scroop Patterns Ettie Petticoat View A

What else?

Tons of additional historical information.  There are ads, photos of extant garments, fabric suggestions, and more.

Eaton's Spring-Summer 1916

And finally, it’s a great companion to so many other Scroop patterns.  View A goes with the Fantail Skirt, Views B, C & D go over the Rilla Corset, and Views C & D are perfect for the Kilbirnie Skirt.

Scroop Patterns Kilbirnie Skirt

(is there an Ettie under these – yes there is!)

Plus, it’s on sale!

Get 10% off automatically when you buy the Ettie Petticoat pattern within the next week!

The Details

The Ettie comes in sizes 30-56 (waist 24”/61cm to 50”/127cm)

Scroop Petticoat Size Chart

Read all about the different views at

I love this pattern, and hope you will to!

Image: the lower half of a woman wearing a floral skirt with lace.



  1. Lynne says

    Ettie is a fine thing! I’m sure she is going to be much made and loved.

  2. Elise says

    Congratulations on a new pattern! How cool to have all the historical information, too. My favorite part is that you can transition across 30 years, and that’s really satisfying to see.

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