Emily’s Va-Va-Voom corset

Emily and her scrumptious corset

The Idea and Inspiration:

The fabulous Emily of EverSoScrumptious offered to trade me a corset for a website.  How could I refuse?  I love the idea of direct trade of skills, skipping the changing money part.  And Emily has the most scrumptiously, enviably, corsetable figure – such a joy to work with and design for!  And she designs lovely websites 😉

We went fabric shopping, and found a fabric that we absolutely loved in most ways: it had a gorgeous embroidery pattern that we could work into the cut of the corset, and was the perfect weight and price.  But it was boring grey on light grey.  Blech.  So I dyed it purple, turning it lilac on darkest purple – perfect!

Fabric and Materials:

Grey cotton twill with light grey embroidery, dyed purple-black with lilac purple embroidery.  Lined in crisp mauve cotton with a foiled finish.  Spring-steel and spiral-steel bones, metal busk.

The Dress Diary:

The fabric and beginnings

Altering the corset

The finished corset

Emily in the corset at a corset talk

Emily and other models

The Finished Corset:


  1. Cornelia Moore says

    it would be neat to have a photo of the fabric pre-dye-and yes, it turned out marvelously. seeing your work makes me want to sew again, but for now, other things call.

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