Portfolio: 1932 does medieval ‘White Zombie’ dress

The Idea and Inspiration:

Andrew was producing a music video for New Zealand band PorcelainToy based on the original zombie horror film: 1932’s White Zombie, starring Bela Lugosi and Madge Bellamy.  He contacted me to make Madge Bellamy’s main costume, a medieval inspired shroud, for PorcelainToy singer Elizabeth de la Ray to wear as Madge.  It was a wonderful project allowing me to combine 1930s period-accurate techniques with an imaginative take on medieval frocks, and assist as the costumer on-set for the shoot.

I also ended up making a simple ‘tropical whites’ jacket for Emile de la Ray to wear in the shoot.

Fabric and Materials:

Silk-cotton with a delustred satin finish underslip, silk chiffon over-robe, trimmed with gilded linen, embroidery, vintage pearls, and finished with a rope sash.

Emile’s jacket of cotton muslin/calico.

The Dress Diary:

Introducing the project

A sneak-peek of the dress

The dress construction

On set with Elizabeth

The White Zombie dress in motion

Emile’s jacket

Emile in the jacket as a zombie killer

The finished dress:


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