Announcements + Grab yourself a Gravatar

First, I’m being all self reliant and naughty and beating my web designer to updating the Costume Portfolio page.  So bear with me while it gets all prettified.

Second, (and this one is the BIG announcement), I’m giving the Pompeii to Paris talk again – this time as part of the Massey University Blow Creative Arts Festival.  So check out the details on the Events page, and book your tickets to Wellington!

Oh, and this time, its free!

Last, I have finally figured out how to use Gravatar, which means I now have an image to represent me whenever I respond to your comments, and to travel with me to lots of other sites!

It’s super easy.  Just go to, click on “Get your Gravatar Today”, sign up (it’s two tiny steps) and upload an image for your computer, or put in the html address for a (non-copyright protected) image you like off the internet.  Then crop it to the size you like, and whenever you use the e-mail you have chosen to leave a comment on a website, your avatar will come up!

How easy is that?

And then, whenever you comment on this site, everyone will be able to see “you”.

Here is some avatar worthy inspiration images:


  1. Ohhhhh someone else is going to get to wear the laurel gown for your talk! Jealous!

      • Jane says

        I already made one of their blog things but I suspect I don’t have the stamina/dedication to kissing Marmite’s ass necessary for success

        • Fair enough! I have no idea what they expect you to do! And do you really want a 1 way trip back anyway? (much as I would like that!)

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