1. Tweak what??!!!
    It’s absolutely exquisite, lovely in every way, it truly belongs in the wardrobe of a duchess or princess.
    Thank you for sharing your work and please keep up the awesome work.

  2. How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the draping process. I can’t imagine how you got from the previous draping photos to that product. Stunning work!

  3. jackiead says

    The dress is beautiful! And that train is unbelievably complex. How much help was Felicity in the completion of the dress?

  4. Maggie May Fashions says

    The draping is beautiful and the color is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  5. While the dress is as breathtaking in ‘person’ as in a photo if not more so, I really think that the fabulous Vanessa who is modelling it sparks it off and it sparks her off in turn – between the two of them they could stop a thousand ships!!

  6. Wow! I’m speachless~I hope I will do something that awesome some day!

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