33 Things I Did in Hawaii

For the next two weeks (and then some) you can expect this blog to be all 1916, all the time.  For a little pre-respite from that, here is the rundown of what I did in Hawaii:

#1 Ate lots, and lots, and lots of poke (raw fish salad):

Hawaiian poke,

Partly because poke is awesome, and partly because it is one of the few prepared foods available in Kaunakakai (the main town) that I was willing to eat.

#2 Ate lots, and lots, and lots of poi (mashed, fermented taro root).  Just because poi is awesome.

#3 Watched ducklings hatch!  (see that egg with the dark hole?)

Duckling hatching, Molokai Hawaii

#4 Spent lots of time at the beach

Beach, Molokai, Hawaii

#5 And in the stream that runs through my parent’s farm:

Stream, Moloka'i, Hawaii

#6 Got made fun of (in a gentle, loving way) for saying little like a Kiwi (lit-tle) rather than like a Hawaiian-American (liddle)

#7 Pushed the number of  ohia ‘ai (mountain apples – light and sweet and refreshing, as soft as a peach but crisper) one can eat in a day without eating so many that things go very, very wrong, to its absolute limit.  But not beyond, thankfully!:

Ohia 'ai (mountain apple), Moloka'i, Hawaii

#9: Visited Kalaupapa Lookout and the phallic rock.

#10: Had fun with Mr D:

Things I did in Hawaii04

#11: Cooked with the best ingredients in the world:

Things I did in Hawaii08

#12: Made friends with crabs:

Crab, Moloka'i, Hawaii

#13: Made friends with ducklings (so many ducklings!):

Ducklings, Molokai, Hawaii

#14:  Collected slugs.  So many slugs…

#15: Watched a swallowtail butterfly hatch and unfurl its wings:

Swallowtail butterfly, Molokai, Hawaii

Swallowtail butterfly, Molokai, Hawaii

#16: Did without internet for days at a time

#17: Built fires with Mr D:

Things I did in Hawaii15

#18: Helped harvest bananas:

Bananas, Molokai, Hawaii,

#19: And mangoes:

Mangoes, Molokai, Hawaii,

#20: And cacao:

Cacao, Molokai, Hawaii,

#21: And eggplant:

Eggplant, Molokai, Hawaii,

#22.  And canistel, which I then turned into delicious things like canistel bread:

Canistel bread, Molokai, Hawaii,

#23: Hiked up to Halawa Falls:

Halawa Falls, Molokai, Hawaii,

#24: And got to watch it flash flood:

Halawa Falls, Molokai, Hawaii,

#25: Discovered that not only have I lost my childhood immunity to Hawaiian mosquito bites, I’ve developed a pretty serious allergic reaction to them.  That was fun…

#26: Got to cuddle the farm cats:

Farm cats, Molokai, Hawaii,

#27: And make tamales with my mum:

Tamales, Molokai, Hawaii,

#28: Saved the life of a duckling with hypothermia:

Duckling, Molokai, Hawaii,

#29: Visited the Honolulu Museum of Art:

Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii,

#30:  Did I mention ducklings?

Ducklings, Molokai, Hawaii

#31: Enjoyed the natural beauty of the island:

Fishpond, Moloka'i, Hawaii

#32: Had great fun making beach art with my dad:

Beach art, Molokai, Hawaii

#33: And sad, sad times when I had to leave it all:

Beach art, Molokai, Hawaii


  1. Gillian Stapleton says

    Lovely photographs, and so many happy memories for you. I love the one of you and Mr D!

  2. Katy says

    That one of the poorly duckling made me squeak! So cute! I’m very envious but I hope she’s ok now?

    • Yes, it was touch and go at first, but she’s running around with all her friends, chipper as can be now. In fact, we can’t even tell her apart from the other three yellow ducks in that batch anymore!

  3. What a lovely visit with lots of fun things! (Is this the first time we have seen Mr. D.?)

    You saving that duck was so sweet, I am glad it made it!

  4. I recently spent a few days on my parent’s farm in Indiana. Absolutely not a farm in Hawaii…but there are similarities. Part of me really wants to just go back and live on the farm, but deep down I know can’t…it’s always sad to leave.

  5. I recently spent a few days on my parents’ farm in Indiana.

    Which is absolutely not a farm in Hawaii…and yet, there are similarities.

    Part of me really just wants to chuck everything and go back to farm life…but I know that is just not practical. Still, it is sad to leave…

  6. Elise says

    Yum! Poke is just wonderful. Japanese eggplant are so tasty. Picked-that-day mangoes are the best. Seems like you ate very well (and had a lot of fun)

  7. Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. The island looks amazing.

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