Past events

 Past Events

Leimomi Oakes presented at  an Antiques Roadshow style textile-history event  at the  Fabrications Textile Expo

A framed mid-20th century crinoline lady embroidery

19 November 2011, 10am-4pm, Horticultural Hall and Town Hall, Laings Road, Lower Hutt


Leimomi Oakes presented  Grandeur and Frivolity: Music and Fashion in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV in conjunction with Clarissa Dunn of Radio New Zealand and The Historic Arts Trust.

Grandeur & Frivolity: Music and Fashion in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV

In the Dressing Room

A write-up of the event.

July 23 2011


The Dreamstress presented at Pecha Kucha:

The Queen’s Underwear:

How an Un/Dress Caused a Revolution

(in more ways than one)

Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, Marie Antoinette with a rose, 1783

Pecha Kucha Night Wellington Vol. 9 happened on 22 November 2010, Overseas Terminal, Azzura Room, Upstairs, Chaffers Marina, Wellington


From the Street of Pompeii to the Salons of Paris Redux

Pompeii to Paris was presented as part of the Massey University’s Blow Creative Arts Festival, 6-20 November 2010

See the blog post on it


From the Street of Pompeii to the Salons of Paris

June 2010, Wellington, NZ

Paris to Pompeii - all the lovely models and your humble lecturer

I presented an informative talk on the way Greek and Roman art and fashion have influenced Western fashion from the 18th century to the 20th. The talk was illustrated by 11 models in historically accurate recreations of period attire — from a 1770s robe a la francaise to a 1920s flapper dress.

Click here to see all entries.


Wedding Dresses: A Visual History

Expressions Museum, Upper Hutt, December 2009

I gave a floor talk at this exhibition. Wearing a recreation of an 1800s historical wedding gown, I discussed both   the origins of modern wedding fashions, and the dresses shown in Expressions’ beautiful exhibition I Do: 100 Years of Wedding Dresses. This was one of Expressions’ most popular exhibitions   and it was fantastic to be a part of it.

See my exhibit summaries here and here, and my experiences giving the talk here.


Capturing the Mode: Fashion in Impressionist Art

Te Papa Museum, Wellington, April 2009

Another assemblage of lovely ladies and historic costumes

This talk was a lively look at the fashions depicted in the paintings of Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, and others. Models in historically accurate reproductions of the dresses worn by Nana, Jeanne Samary, Suzon, Camille Monet. The accompanying talk reviewed the wide variety of styles and fashions captured by the Impressionists, and the ways in which the clothes give clues into the personality and social standing of the women who wore them.

The event summary.

Te Papa’s flickr set of the event.


  1. Tam Kruger says

    Hi – do you have any upcoming workshops in Melbourne??? Have just dived back into fashion design, and have made a couple of basic corsets, but keen to learn more. Have some great books, but of course workshops would be preferable.
    Thanks, Tam.

    • Hi Tam,

      I don’t have any workshops in Melbourne at the moment – I’m unlikely to have any until 2013 due to my teaching schedule in Welly. I do do weekend workshops and people have flown over for those and a NZ holiday.

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