The Panier-Along

The Panier-Along is a sew-along tutorial walking you through the process of making a reasonably accurate pair of 1760s-1780s paniers, suitable for wearing with upper-class informal dress.

1770s mistletoe paniers

Here are the steps to making your paniers:

The Panier Materials List

#1 Cutting your pattern pieces

#2 Cutting and sewing pocket slits & marking and sewing the hoop channels

#3 Attaching the panier bottoms

#4 Attaching the panier sides & optional front to back ties

#5 Inserting the hooping

#6 Pleating the top & Finishing

And of course, the finished paniers! 

1770's paniers

If you want to show that you are participating grab the button below and post it in your sidebar.  Be sure to link it to the Panier-Along page.

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The Panier-Along


  1. OMG!!! First of all I LOVE your site. Although I am more into the last century inspired design, I learn so much.. (just wanted to let you know:)) And this sewalong.. I have been researching and trying different things to use under my full skirts. I think this one is going to be one of the best ideas. thank you so much for hosting it, and I really hope I’ll get the idea. I am a little late to join, but I am following! Nice meeting you:) Milena from The Home Blues.

    • Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you are excited, and would love to have you sewing along and participating in this and the Historical Sew Fortnightly!

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  6. Made one of these for my school project, life saver!!
    Such simple and easy to follow instructions.
    Thank you!!

  7. Elisa says

    Hello from Italy!! First thing: you’re wonderful!! I love your site and your dresses!!
    Second thing: I’m wondering the possibility of make a panier and I have a question…the diameter of the cane you use is?? It doesn’t seems too wide to me, I’m thinking of 1/1.5 cm…

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  9. Sophie says

    Leimomi, I am so glad I saw this link posted on your FB page! This is exactly what I needed for a project and you made it so easy even I can do it! 😀

  10. Annette says

    Hello from Canada! Thank you so much for this tutorial.! Your instructions for the paniers were PERFECT! I really appreciate it!

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