An Edwardian Evening Gown Interlude, with complications

1910s fashions

Theresa came to Wellington last weekend, and as usual, we did a photoshoot!*

This photoshoot was our trickiest yet.

The weather had been beautiful for weeks.  It was, in fact, way too beautiful.  It was so hot I cancelled my 18th century plans.  Even with icepacks in the paniers (yep, I tried that!), silk française were just too hot.

Instead I decided to go with 1910s Edwardian evening gowns: Theresa in the Laurel & me in Cobwebs.  Slightly lighter.  Also, as it turns out, slightly tighter.  Theresa is slim, but I was really slim when I made the Laurel.  And, thanks to the Fortnight in 1916 and the amazing weight-loss properties of a 1916 lifestyle, I was slightly slimmer when I made Cobwebs.  Things were…snug.

The weather had been beautiful for weeks.  It was beautiful all day. And then, just when we finished dressing, masses of clouds rolled in and wiped out the late afternoon sunshine.  So the lighting was terrible, and fading fast.

We’d planned to go to the Botanical Gardens, but there was an event on, so it would have been a madhouse.  Instead we settled on the Basin Reserve, with its little Grecian inspired pavilion, and the gates of Government House.

To add to the complication, we got a leetle overexcited when it came to cameras.  I’m camera shopping, so I borrowed a friend’s nice Nikon to have a play with, to help me decide what I want in a camera.  Unfortunately neither Theresa & I could see properly through the Nikon’s viewfinder to make sure things were in focus (side note: cross that camera off the possibility list).  Ooops!  Luckily we had both of my older cameras as backups.  And two iPhones.

And an amazing friend came along with his two cameras.  He actually got some good photos.  I’ll be showing those later as I go through them.  Together we got almost 1,000 photos, and I’m finding it a bit overwhelming!

For now, here are a few photos from my camera and the borrowed Nikon.  The light is a wee bit all over the place, as is the focus, but we had fun.

1910s fashions

1910s fashions

1910s fashions

1910s fashions

1910s fashions

*If you need more photo goodness, other Theresa photoshoots include:




  1. What great photos! Cobwebs is extra spectacular against a red brick and green foliage background, and Laurel looks excellent when paired with classical-inspired architecture.

  2. Elise says

    Great photos! How neat to develop such a wonderful collection of clothing.

  3. Um, yes, sorry about the pandemonium we caused at the Botanic Garden! But it WAS fun and the biggest turn out for a Soundshell concert yet apparently. Clearly for me lol! Did you get any pictures of the two of you together?

    • I’m sure it was lots of fun! It sounded awesome! If we hadn’t had other plans that were not crowd-friendly, we would definitely have been there. 😉

      Daniil got some beautiful photos of us together.

  4. Now I want to find out how you designed Therese’s yellow Orientalism top. It fascinates me, how did you get it fitted in the front, but not in the back.

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