2011: the year in review

Another year over, another just begun.

It’s interesting looking back at 2011.  It was quite a year.  It was a year of trips: the South Island, Australia, Tauranga, the Hawke’s Bay, Taupo.  It was a year of commissions: Carolyn’s wedding dress, Polly’s wedding dress, Judith’s Panniers, Kerry’s Steampunk Bustle, Shell’s wedding dress, the 1932 White Zombie gown for PorcelainToy.  It was a year of research and information: Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, Jeanne Samary, textile terms, Ninon d’Ecolet.  It was a year of finished projects: the 1660s Ninon dress, the 18th century gentleman’s ensemble, the 1770s silver stays, the 1890s black corded corset, the 1900 ribbon corset.  Most of all it was a year of people: Shell, my sister the Naiad, Steph in Australia, each and every one of you wonderful readers, and darling, much-missed Jo-Anne.

Here are some images of the year.  Each of them should link to a post if you see something really exciting and want to know more. 🙂








  1. An excellent year. Sadly, I did not find as much time for actual sewing projects as I had done in 2010, but now I have a whole new year to try again.

  2. Good job!!! you have a whole new year to explore… looking forward to see what you will tackle next 🙂

  3. What a successful and inspiring year you’ve had! Here’s to a 2012 filled with crazy adventures and fun projects!

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